It is no secret that my favorite WordPress SEO plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps gauge my blog posts for Google search and Google rankings by providing feedback and analysis of my blog post.  It shows how to improve the focus keyword that I want to be found for in online searches. Having a keyword list and using varied text- alternate keywords- will be your blogging best friend when it comes to DIY SEO and getting your posts found in Google. I recommend having a handful of general keywords that pertain to your main blog topics that you want to be found for in search engines. In addition to the main list of keywords, you need to compile another list of keywords that encompasses blog posts, experiences, expertise, and topics. If you require help in finding new keyword ideas for blogging, you can check out this post here.

Now back to Yoast- All along I have enjoyed using the free version of this plugin which has yielded fantastic results. But I was not too happy when they released the new 3.0 versions last year! The new version plugin made it a bit harder to use; meanwhile, it took away some free features. The pencil to edit the Snippet editor was hidden and it looked as if we could not customize our page titles or description as before. 

how to use yoast seo plugin

Nevertheless, it is still my favorite SEO plugin. But Yoast listened to our feedback and updated the plugin again, but this time it was for the better! In this Periscope Episode, I shared the latest Yoast 3.1 update which I  love!  It is much easier to update the Focus Keyword and the Snippet Editor now.

yoast 3.1 changes

And if you missed my webinar on How to Get a Green With Yoast, you can purchase it here. We have also included some incredibly awesome bonus upgrades!