The ClubHouse App: Your New Hangout Corner

The ClubHouse App is a recent yet massive development in the world of social media. Developed in Silicon Valley, the ClubHouse App is definitely one of its kind. At first, I wasn’t fully convinced, but kept hearing the buzz I had to check it out and boy was I in for a great surprise.

What exactly is the ClubHouse App?

The ClubHouse App is a voice-based social media app where you can connect with people using only your voice.

The app doesn’t require you to have any other equipment. You only need an invitation, then make your profile and hang out as if you did in real-time before the new normal.

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash

The Clubhouse app is an invite-only and iPhone only app consisting of live rooms where moderators and guests discuss a topic in a place called a room. Nothing is recorded and there are no chats or DMS so being present is vital. Users already on the app get a few invites they can share with people on their contact list.

You can not simply give out a link to someone with invite link, but you need to have their phone number in your contacts as it gets sent as an SMS. The more you engage in the app, the more invites will be made available for you.

One downside has been the fact that users that are hearing impared can not use the app so there is pressure for the app founders to add some kind of caption.

What can you do inside of Clubhouse?

Here are the four main uses for Clubhouse

Setting up the ClubHouse App

Clubhouse App for Business

If you got done with the first step of getting an invite from a friend, making your profile on the app is the next step.

When you make your profile, the app’s algorithm will connect you to friends who are already on the app and will give you an option to follow other people. You also want to make sure you follow strategic topics related to your business and likes. This will help the algorithm show you relevant rooms that you may like to join.

You can select a room to get I and be a part of the podcast not only listening to the people who are speaking but also you can go over the stage to speak by selecting the ‘raise hand’ icon.

In case you are getting bored of the discussion, you can quit the room and join another room that interests you.

The app doesn’t provide a direct messaging option, so it is important to link your Instagram and Twitter accounts if you don’t want to miss a message.

You can follow people by visiting their profiles and clicking the bell icon on their profiles to get notifications about their activities.

You can follow your friends and family or even your celebrities by using this method.

Optimizing your bio – Clubhouse SEO Hacks

I have been loving this algorithym as I feel it works fast and it shows me topics that are of my interest. What I didn’t know was the important parts of my Bio and tips to help my profile get found. The bio area is huge and you should be filling it up as much as possible.

You see the app acts as a Search Engine and since it is still less competitive, there is a bigger chance for you to rank inside the app for your desired keyword.

For example, I looked up SEO for creatives and saw that my profile shows up in the first 35 results. I was actually on the top 20 but I see I have moved down. So I will be working on expanding my bio a bit more.

When I search for SEO for photographers, I am in the number 1 spot. Go CLUBHOUSE SEO.

Watch this video replay below where I share top tips on optimizing your bio in clubhouse.

Joining a Room in Clubhouse

You can join a room only by clicking on the room. The good news is that you don’t need to greet everyone.

You will enter in the room ‘muted’ by the moderator, and you can continue to be so if you don’t want to participate in the discussion (sit back and listen to what people want to say)

If you have got points to add to the conversation, you need to click the ‘raised-hand’ icon after which a moderator will unmute you and give you a chance to speak.

If you want to go out, you can leave the room quietly.

Creating your Own Room

Got a topic you want to discuss? Go on your profile and choose the option of creating a room. You can keep the room’s privacy open, social, or close. The open privacy will let anyone join your discussion room.

If the privacy is set to be social, the people in your connection list can join your room or those you follow. If the privacy is set as closed, only you can decide whom you want to add to the room. The app is gaining massive popularity among iPhone users even though it is still in its testing phase.

The android users are also anxious to get a hands-on experience of the app.

Do’s & Don’ts When Up On Stage

Raising your hand can give you a chance to come on up where the speakers are. This section is called the stage. You will be prompted to either ask a question, give an intro, or even a quick tip. Consider this the 30-second elevator pitch that you definitely do not want to mess up.

You should always respect the rules of the room and respect the moderators. Be courteous to fellow speakers. Do not speak over fellow speakers. Ask permission if giving input or advice.

You should always mute yourself when not speaking.

Don’t be a big headed jerk. No one likes those people.

Clubhouse for Business Strategy

Be strategic. Do not spend 4 hours a day on Clubhouse as it can easily suck you in making you very unproductive. Instead, decide which one of the 4 things you are looking for in the app: learning, networking, speaking, or growing your IG. Browse a few room topics and see if there is anything interested that day.

You also want to set notification reminders of any rooms clubs scheduled ahead of time that could be interesting for your business.

I am excited to see where this app will go. It is not perfect but it’s learning on how to evolve and grow just as we are. I plan to keep updating this post as I find out more.

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