Hello peeps, today on the blog I want to chat about Snapchat, which I am kind of obsessing over about lately! I know a lot of creative business owners have been scratching their heads about how to use Snapchat for business marketing so I wanted to share some advice. I had the pleasure of interviewing my sister for some tips on how to get started with Snapchat and some other basic questions, so if you are brand new to Snapchat, watch the video first then read these tips here.

Are you looking to use snapchat for business marketing but have no idea how to use snapchat at all? let alone for business? check out these beginner tips

Here are my top tips on how you can use Snapchat for your business.

1. Keep it light and fun! Snapchat is a FUN platform. It’s intention originally started with teens (and, um, sexting) but has spread to older crowds in last two years. Even Mr. Gary Vee himself predicted in 2014 that Snapchat would be the next big thing, and that by 2016 it would be more mainstream. Snapchat is no longer for the younger crowd, but it is a FUN and creative platform, so please have fun. Use its fun features like the doodle, and emojis, which you can now pin and have them move across the screen. My favorite snapchatters make me laugh! PERIOD. And I want to make others laugh, so those fun daily selfie filters are great for that. Don’t be shy, make fun of yourself because people love to see others unwind and laid back. You can send private snaps of really funny things about yourself for your top interactors, and not necessarily add it to my story.

2. Mix some biz tips. I love it when I follow folks and they showcase tips, but again in a fun and creative way. The best Snapchat users use the private chat feature for special Q&A or ask their audience to hit print screen to vote for options on what they want to see or hear about. You can use the filters to give tips and get creative with your storyline. Some folks like to mix in screens with text, then with the next snap maybe talking to the camera, and maybe the next one showing something on a laptop. Use Snapchat to answer FAQ questions that your audience asks in other platforms.

3. Your overall story matters. I want you to right now go and look at your full story over the last 24 hours and see if it flows. My favorite snappers, like for example Ryan Bell (who is not PG rated) is very creative in his storytelling aspect. You can follow him at randersonbell. Think about angles, beginning, middle and end. Remember, many folks watch your story at the end of the day too, so how can you tell your full story of that day? Think creatively if you can about the next snap and how it relates to the previous one. But don’t let this paralyze you and pressure you to get frustrated with the platform…then you will want to give it up. Just think what would be cool to showcase next.

Learn from other snapchat users

4.Observe others. I learn so many tips by watching others. I sometimes can’t get creative under pressure, but I see other snappers use a cool emoji or doodle or be extra funny and it inspires me to try new ideas. One example is Brian from Ring Lawn Care, I love his use of stickers, emojis and doodles. I also love his inspiring message and how he shows his business. His snap username is ringahding. One creative snap chatter I follow is Stephanie Watts. I just laugh so hard at times with what she shows with her husband and baby. They are creative and fun.

5.Interact with your followers and those you follow. It is so great to get a message from someone who follows me saying how funny or cool something was. So pay it forward and take time to send folks a private chat (if they have chat enabled) to give them a compliment or even ask a questions.

6.Get personal. Snapchat is like the closest thing to a Reality TV of your life. So showcase another skill you have, something personal like your kids, dogs, tastes, shopping, etc. I don’t mean extremely personal, but show everyday things which you would not post on Instagram or other social media perhaps. For me, that’s behind the scenes things I do, like getting my nails done, my dog, or something random.

7.Brand sponsors and reviews. If you are a blogger who reviews things on your blog, start using Snapchat to review products and services. You can feature your sponsors Snapchat profiles. The bigger your audience is, the more you will be able to get paid or get other benefits.

Bonus Tip: I like to do between 8-12 snaps a day, but there is no golden answer to that. On Wednesday I do blog tips so my story is way longer. Some folks that attend an event do dozens and dozens of snaps and can get away with it. From a viewer standpoint, I don’t want to annoy my viewers but there are exceptions.

Now if you want more set up tips and how to get used to Snapchat interface, watch this interview below. And follow me on snapchat- username is feuzafuse or visit here: