pinterest for small bizMy favorite all-time social media platform to get found on online is definitely Pinterest. Why? [bctt tweet=”Pinterest is indexed with Google, and I can get found on Google for a pin or a board.”] Even though your Facebook posts are supposedly indexed, you really can’t say that about Facebook posts. Yes, you could say that about Google Plus posts, but who’s really on there? It’s good for some Google juice, but pins are more powerful because they’re visual concepts. Also, Pinterest is a huge referral back to your brand.

One thing that I love about Pinterest is that Pinterest loves brands, and they don’t mind that people leave the Pinterest platform, unlike Facebook. Facebook wants you to stay on their platform. Another thing that I think Pinterest does really well is that they are always stepping up their games for brands. 

They also don’t mind if you use Pinterest as a selling platform! For example, their “buy” button. They don’t make money off of the “buy” buttons, so that means they want to make their money off of promoted pins instead. They’re like, “Go for it! Sell yourself! Promote yourself! Just use our platform, and we will be here for you!” They’re big cheerleaders for brands and small businesses, unlike Facebook. I love Facebook groups and yes, their ads can be really good and targeted, but Pinterest is more fun as a business platform.

So, let’s talk about  7 unique Pinterest tips you need to implement today!

  1. Like the photo before you re-pin it. When you find something cool, remember there’s a smart feed now. Pinterest doesn’t just show whatever people pin in chronological order. Let’s say your contacts have pinned 10 Mason jar ideas within a one-hour time frame. Pinterest doesn’t show those in order when you hop onto the feed. They are using a smart feed plus an algorithm, very similar to Google, to rank which pins are showing up on user’s smart feeds. So they count on a few factors, like how many repins a pin already has, and it analyzes which pins they want to show in their smart feed. I have a hunch that by hearting the pin before you re-pin it gives you a little extra boost. When you like a pin first, they are more likely to notice you and follow you back, and you might show up on their feed a little bit more often. So, I’ve been putting this hunch into practice. It’s not a proven method, but usually I’m on to something with my intuitions and SEO knowledge. Try it out for a month and see if your “click-through” rate increases.
  1. Show me the comments! There are always top influencers within your industry. Try stepping up your game, and instead of liking 10 of their pins, comment on Pinterest on their pin. If anyone comments on my pin, I follow and comment back. Nobody is commenting on Pinterest, so let’s stand out! If you want to stand out from the crowd, you always have to do something different. We did a blog interview with my sisters who are booking 100% of their clients because of Instagram. What they do on Instagram is show videos of hair dos, before and after. Why? Everyone is doing photos, but no one is doing videos. So, if no one is commenting, you want to comment because you will catch the eye of an influencer. You will get more followers that way. You need to respond! You’re not checking if people are commenting on your pins, and you’re not responding to them. I had a great comment from a guy who does social media marketing, but in Spanish, and he started following me only after I replied to his comment. Be a trendsetter! If everyone’s going here, you want to go HERE.
  1. Re-pin 20 pins a day. ( ideally 40-50 repine a day but I know that be rough!) My Pinterest marketing takes me about 10 minutes per day. I get on my phone and look at the smart feed, look at what’s interesting and decide what I want to re-pin. Maybe you could do 5 in the morning and spread the rest out throughout the day. It is overwhelming learning all the tricks, but the key is making it a part of your workflow. I have a two-fold workflow for Pinterest: Five minutes a day just re-pinning other people’s stuff. It doesn’t have to be all business related, you can pin personal stuff, depending on what your target audience is. You want to work on building your brand and bringing traffic back to your blog. Next, if you’ve never done this before, take a look at the past two weeks of your blogs and pin your own content to boards. Then, the week after, you want to re-pin those pins to other boards. This is just a basic workflow, and I think Pinterest is the easiest platform to use.
  1. You need to re-pin content from your desktop (for Android users). Many users re-pin content from their phones, but you also need to re-pin from your desktop. When you re-pin from your desktop, Pinterest will suggest other people and other boards to follow based on your re-pin. If Pinterest suggests that I follow a board, I’m going to listen up. If Pinterest is suggesting that I should like someone’s board, that person is going to like my content, I will appear more on their feed, and they’ll appear more on mine. So follow those board suggestions and it is nice to view Pinterest on a desktop once in a while too.
  2. [bctt tweet=”Add text when you pin your own photos or content.”] (probably the most important tip here).  Use full sentences and as much text as possible. Entice the person to actually click there. Writing full text will help your pins and boards get found more and will increase your chances of getting found on the smart feed. [bctt tweet=”Hashtags are “frowned upon” on Pinterest, so avoid hashtags and write out more natural text.”]
  1. After you pin your own content, re-pin to blog groups. I call this “sprinkling your own work.” A week or so after you’ve re-pinned your content, add it to a group board, making sure to follow that particular group’s rules.  Group boards can really help you gain visibility in Pinterest and drive traffic back to your blog.  Go to to find related group boards that are in your niche. If you can’t find a group blog, start your own!
  1. Look at your analytics. It’s really important to see what’s doing well. What’s driving more traffic to your blog? It’s important to know what’s working and what’s not. I know this can be overwhelming, but it’s pretty self explanatory. You can see what your top pins are, then use those topics to build off of because you know that people are interested in those particular subjects. Also, check your click-through rate.  All of these things can help you figure out what people are interested in and can help you build on that content. You can view which pins are doing the best, which will guide you to create future blog posts on same topic and offer your own pins so you can get pinned more and more.

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