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PROPHOTO USERs- Tip. Recently in helping a client, I noticed that the page tittles we had been working on were not being updated. This was weird because she had my favorite SEO plugin installed ( YOAST) but the changes were not updating. The client actually figured out that in PROPHOTO there is an advanced section called SEO and we saw that you needed to disable it! After all you are putting in the work with the plugin box and don’t want to be in vain, right? So if you are a Prophoto, go do this now!

yoast wordpress seo


Use hashtags on IG but in comments section! This way you can add way more hashtags without looking spammy, because after a few comments your comment does not even show! hashtags work great on IG so use them!

pinterest tips

Do you need blogging or pinning ideas? Check out whats trending on Pinterest which can be quite amusing at times and then create content around that and create pins related to what is trending. Don’t forget to write such text in pin descriptions.

pinterest tips

The outfit trend one would be great for Senior and Family Photographers to be blogging on a few of these trends.

PS. Did you know that lighter color photos and photos with faces gets pinned more? Yeah, me neither.

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