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Your social media game

Are those endless hours per week spent marketing on social media taking away from other areas of your business, with show for it? It's time to fix that. 

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You don't have to do it alone.

Your sales game is on point, but you need a bit of help taking your online marketing to the next level. 

From learning how to please the algorithm, creating content that’s on-brand (and speaks to your ideal customers) and engaging with your following - the world of social media marketing can seem more like an impossible to hit moving target than a foolproof marketing solution. 

But social media marketing can be a game changer - especially for local small businesses. 

Let’s take your face to face marketing power to the next level (& increase your social media ROI)

Here’s how I can help:

Social Media 

51% of most purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. I will help get your brand’s social media in top selling shape with 12-16 engaging  posts per month, on demand graphic design AND an IG reels roadmap that will help you make the most of the latest marketing trend. 

Local Marketing 

Your brand’s online presence shouldn’t stop with social media. Online marketing is supposed to be doing the sales work for you. In order for that to happen, you’ve gotta show up on Google. That’s why this package includes: Google My Business optimization, s, 4 Google-ranked posts per month. Hello sales while you sleep! e".


Well done visuals set you apart from your competition and add value to your products and services. I offer 1 profession video that showcases what’s unique about YOUR business along with monthly photoshoots to help you stand out and keep your marketing fresh. 

How it works

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We are boutique South Florida Marketing agency and we only take a handful of clients a month as we have a dedicated team and love to give you more attention than other marketing agencies.


Our monthly plans start at $750 for 16 custom posts a month, 4 Google Posts a month and more.
Sign the contract, pay the retainer and then I will send you a client intake form. You will send me your branding materials: branding guidelines, logos, hex colors.

Get on a Monthly Schedule

Once you are signed up we will send you the first set of visuals for your approval. It takes a bit in the beginning but we do everything we can to get your brand voice right

We are boutique South Florida Marketing agency and we only take a handful of clients a month as we have a dedicated team and love to give you more attention than other marketing agencies.

Industries I serve:

Photogrpahers & Wedding Pros

As a former wedding photographer myself, I am well versed in creating social media posts for photographers and wedding professionals. For this industry I encourage utilizing Pinterest & Tik Tok.

Jewlery store onwers

I have been working with jewelry store owners build up their websites into hybrid models. They are generally trying to optimize for local search while also launching their e-commerce side of the business.  I recommend utilizing Google Posts, IG and Pinterest.

Construction pros

 I have handled marketing strategies for my husbands construction business for over 10 years and currently have a few construction professionals such as general contractors and  tile installers.

I have been working with social media for 13 years

It's the Freedom for me!

The kind of results you can expect:

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More qualified leads (while you sleep!)
Freedom to focus on the work you love
Content that engages your followers….and gets you new ones!
Finally feel confident in your online marketing strategy



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