With more than 40 million people turning to Pinterest every single year to plan their weddings, the platform has become the number one search engine for brides. If you’re in the wedding industry, you probably already have a Pinterest account. If you haven’t created one yet, there’s no better time than now. If you’ve been searching for ways to skyrocket your wedding business, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a seat, grab some popcorn and a glass of wine and let’s dive into these Pinterest tips by Taylor Baselice from Next Level Marketing.

Why Pinterest is Great for Weddings

Ask anyone who’s planned a wedding recently – Pinterest is an incredibly effective tool for wedding businesses. While Pinterest falls under the social media umbrella, it’s vastly different than its competitors. When users take to Pinterest, they are looking to discover inspiring visuals. When people log on to Instagram, they are looking to get popular.

Being in the wedding industry gives you an advantage. Why? Because Pinterest is rampant with brides looking to discover unique and inspirational ideas for their wedding. Being in this niche allows you to benefit from posting original content that users are actively seeking.

wedding planner tips for Pinterest

This is where things start to get interesting. Around five percent of all website referral traffic comes from Pinterest, the second highest out of all of the social media platforms. The wedding industry is built from referrals. If you want your wedding business to get found, Pinterest is a must.

You may be wondering – how can Pinterest be good for a local business even after they removed the maps feature? A local wedding business can easily target customers in the area. Through a specific target audience, demographic, and basic keyword research, a local business can benefit from Pinterest just as much as a national brand.

Pinterest is great for wedding businesses, period.

Why Pinterest SEO is a Must

Social media has become a platform for popularity. There is nothing wrong with going viral; however, the intent of Pinterest SEO is to have your content show up in Google Search results and Google Images. Once you have grasped the concept that popularity is secondary to Google results, you will comprehend the importance of SEO.

Search engine optimization may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand the basics, you’ll be able to skyrocket your wedding business.

4 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Strategy for Your Wedding Business

A Pinterest strategy is an extensive process. Luckily, we have the essentials:

      • First and foremost, claim your website. Once you have converted your profile to a business account, you will have this option. The simplest way to do this is through WordPress and the Yoast SEO Plugin. Inside Pinterest Settings, you will see “Claim Website” on the left-hand side. Click this, copy the meta tag, and paste it under the Pinterest tab in the Yoast Plugin. Then, go back to your Pinterest account and click submit. After 24 hours, your website will be verified.
      • Content is king! The foundation of successful SEO is content. Add a profile description that describes what role you play in the wedding industry and what users should expect to see from you. Create content related to what your brides are searching for so blog posts about FAQ, wedding inspiration, wedding colors, and trends.

Bonus Tip. Use Pinterest suggest to see what are common search terms in Pinterest for keywords you want to blog about. For example, I looked up Ritz Carlton Wedding. When I started typing it shows me a suggestion of popular key terms users look for. This can help me with future blog post ideas. This can also help me see which pins are doing the best and how are these pins being described.

  1. Pinterest tips for wedding planners

I did the same with NYE weddings and look at the keyword ideas you can use to do a post about an NYE Wedding or a styled shoot or just an inspiration post.

Pinterest tips for wedding planners

      • Optimize the space you are given. This step is crucial to the user’s ability to see your Pins in their feed. You must add a Pin description along with hashtags to all of your original Pins for Pinterest to target them as relevant. When adding the description, include your location and keywords. For instance, wedding planner, wedding photographer, or wedding producer are all suitable keywords. Hashtags are beneficial because they tell the Pinterest algorithm what your Pin is about. Use about 3 to 5 relevant and descriptive hashtags to your industry in each Pin description.

Bonus tip: In order for your content to display in Google Images, you must add alt image text to your pictures. This is found on the backend of your website and should describe the image and contain one main keyword. When you upload an image to your website or blog, there will be a space to add alt text. If you need more help with Image SEO, sign up for my free email course.

      • This is the fun part! To get found on Pinterest and Google, you need to be consistent. Using a scheduling tool, like Tailwind, you can create a Pin schedule. The Tailwind smart scheduler selects premium time slots for your Pins, allowing you to Pin when you are receiving the most potential traffic. This results in more Pins, more impressions, and more referral traffic to your site.

Pinterest Scheduler
Last but not least make sure you are using the right size Pinterest Template when sharing your blog posts. Canva has some great templates that you can customize or you can check out Creative Market or Nicholette Styles.

Pinterest Size

That’s the inside scoop on Pinterest SEO! With these tips, your wedding business will skyrocket in Google Search results in no time.

PS. pay attention to your Pinterest Analytics to see which pins to your profile are doing the best and what type of content your audience cares about most. Also look at the monthly engaged users.

Pinterest SEO Tips for Wedding Planners

If you have a question or comment, hit me up on IG @getfoundwithfuse. If you are brand new to SEO, check out the SEO 101 for Wedding Planners Post.