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Current MARKETING Services

Thank you for your interest with working with me. Currently I have 3 offerings, SEO Consulting which consists of a 2 Hour SEO Clinic. SEO Coaching which is a 6 week Coaching Program and we have just launched a Pinterest Growth Management program. Check out details below and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Unsure which service is write for you?

Contact me today and answer thew following? What are your desired keywords? Who is your main competitor? And what is your biggest SEO struggles? 

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Hey, I'm Fuse

I am Brazilian born, Jersey raised, mom of 2 boys, step mom to a great gal. I currently live in sunny South Florida and I am obssessed with helping creative entrepreneurs get found online.

Feuza is an energetic teacher and her courses& consults are easy to follow. She guides you with steps you can accomplish and is willing to answer all your questions.  She gives you key information about the strategies needed to stay on top of your websites performance with out hiring someone.  I highly recommend ‘Get Found with Fuse’ so you can put your website to work for you
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Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting is a one day 2 hour hands on SEO intensive. It is almost like a workshop. There is some pre-work we do, have the consult then there is a 6 week review. You can ask any burning questions during our 2 hour time together.

Unfortunately when it comes to SEO, there are no guarantees. I do everything I can to guide you, teach you the ultimate best SEO practices so your business can stand out from your competition. I do not guarantee position 1 results as Google changes consistently. Plus I believe the goal should be page 1 for several keywords.

Absolutely. We have more package items so you can extend your services.

If you have never done any SEO work, I do recommend that you sign up for my Free Keyword Course. The SEO clinic works very well for beginners because I teach you the exact steps to optimize your website and blog. Some clients prefer taking the DIY Blogging SEO academy course as well.

Although WordPress is where I excel with SEO, SEO fundamentals are the same across any platform. l am also well versed in Showit SEO, Squarespace and Wix.

What we typically find when we do our SEO audits is that clients are lacking a lot of text and content. We do not write the content for you but we tell you which new pages you should add and give you prompts for the content. We help you brainstorm content ideas but we do not do the writing for you.

Unfortunately SEO is not like a switch that you just turn on and then it’s done. SEO consists of 3 phrases. The foundation, the maintenance and the revisit. SEO takes time. We are trying to establish a long term relationship with Google. I have seen websites rank within days and some take months. I recommend at least 3 months to see some traction. 

If you are looking to get on the local pack, then I recommend you take my Google My Business bootcamp class. There are tactics and strategies to help you rank better in local Google results.