September’s Social Media Social Media SEO Roundup!

So for the month of September, my scopes were all about social media and how to get found on your favorite platforms. I wanted to end the month by summarizing my top tips from September and the Social Media Challenges that I shared in my private Facebook group (which, by the way, you should join 🙂 ) and on Periscope. Did you miss any of these daily challenges? If you missed the content, just join my FB group and get ready for October!

getting found on social media

Here are 15 of our SEO Challenges and make sure you download the PDF to get all of them to cheek off for yourself!

  1.  Start an Excel file for your top 3 to 5 social media platforms, your followers, and the date. I scoped about this here.
  2. In your Excel file, paste your profile bios from each platform into a new column.
  3. Review your profiles: Do your bios make sense, have keywords, describe what you do, and include your location?
  4. Keep tweaking those bios as needed.
  5. Add a url of your website/blog to your Instagram account so you can traffic visitors from Instagram in your Google Analytics.
  6. Engage with top followers by liking their pins/instaposts/scopes and also adding comments to their content.
  7. Share content from your audience.
  8. Share content from your peers and the influencers from your industry.
  9. Start a YouTube channel.
  10. Start Periscope broadcasts. Learn how to get Periscope followers and How to rock your 1st scope. Also Periscope 411.
  11. Tweet blog posts with eye-catching text instead of “here’s my post, here’s my post, hey did you read my post?”
  12. Move important Pinterest boards up to the top.
  13. Have Pinterest boards that showcase your niche, plus general inspiration boards.
  14. Clean up sparse Pinterest boards: add at least 6 pins or delete the board.
  15. Make sure your top Pinterest boards have targeted descriptions with keyword

Now download all 30 #fusechallengeseo and tweet me once you complete a few to let me know of your progress!