Let's do that                     you've always wanted to do.

creative Entrepreneur, lemme grab your attention:

Let's do that SEO            you've always wanted to do.


 You know it's important, but you probably get overwhelmed when you hear the term SEO or you have dabbled in it, but you have no clue if your website is up to what Google loves to see and you are ready to do this thing. But you are also a super duper busy entrepreneur. I gotcha you!


social media

We offer monthly social media management as well as training for teams in small companies. 

SEO Vip Days

VIP day is an SEO in a day Program available upon application,

Branding Photography

Branding Photography packages available in South Florida.


Are you ready for it? This is my signature SEO done in a day service! Let's find out if you are would be a great fit.



Do you run a mastermind or membership group? I am now offering private group speaking and I love it. Let's chat about your group's needs and how I can help.

Teach me plz


Alessandra W. Pet Photographer

"Last Month I had a $5500 pet portrait sale from a client that found me on Google thanks to Fuse."

 I love Google and that is where most of my clients come from. Last month I had a $5500 pet portrait sale from a rich client who found me on Google. I recommend your SEO course to everyone who asks about SEO. It was indeed one of the best course investments I have ever done. Thank you for always showing up. What you do help others. It helped me and I am forever grateful. As you know I am your huge fan."


I was able to rank for over 30 Keywords on the 1st page of Google.

I was able to rank for over 30 Keywords on the 1st page of Google even while living in a very small town. I recommend Fuse's courses and services to all my friends.

This could be you....


"Feuza really helped me leverage my Google search results as a way to understand what other industry creatives really wanted to learn from me.

When we found out that tons of Google searches every month were about my editing skills, I decided to re-launch my editing tutorials that had been laying dormant on my shop site for the past four years. With a bit of messaging tweaks, platform, and a new long form sales page, I was able to launch those same video tutorials and made over $32,000 in one week. THAT is using SEO to a whole new level! Thank you Feuza!" .