Updated April 2019.

photo of pregnancy with husbandI am originally from Brazil where maternity photography has been in demand for decades and when I became pregnant 8 years ago I was surprised it was not so popular here in the USA. As a Brazilian, of course, I wanted pictures so I went to JC Penny because after all my first job in life was at JC Penny Portrait Studio.  At the time they only gave you 25 frames to shoot so I did bring some props and my own posing ideas. They loved one image so much they ordered for their sample book and who knows maybe a photo of me and Max is still at the East Brunswick Square Mall. Funny thing is when I started my photography business 2 years after that, I secretly thought I could be a Celebrity Maternity Photographer.

Now enough with the chatter, lets chat SEO keywords for Maternity Photographers!

As I said before one of the mistakes I see photographers making with their SEO is that they think like a photographer and not as a client and use industry-related words. So one trick is to step back and think of the simplest form of saying the kind of photography you do. When a client wants to get ideas for any type of photo sessions, they are actually not searching for the most part ideas for photo sessions or ideas for maternity portraits.

What I have discovered instead they search ” photos of pregnancy pictures”  “photos of maternity pictures”. Why? Because usually they have never done this before and they don’t know how to describe what they are looking for. Your goal should be to be found under google images so when they look for ideas, your gorgeous work comes up.

So here are they keyword suggestions for maternity photography:

  • pregnancy photos
  • pregnancy photography
  • pregnancy photo ideas
  • pregnancy photographers
  • where to get pregnancy photos taken
  • maternity photo ideas
  • professional maternity photos
  • props for maternity pictures
  • maternity photoshoot
  • maternity pictures
  • Maternity photoshoot dress
  • Maternity photoshoot gowns
  • Maternity pictures outfits
  • Maternity shoot outfits

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Blogging ideas for Maternity Photographers seo keywords for maternity photographers

Blogging for portrait photographers can be quite challenging. If you do the same type of photo shoot then it will be hard to blog about them creatively. Blogging has changed since when I first did this post and now I don’t recommend portrait photographers to blog every session. Instead, you should be doing what I call strategic posts. These are the main questions your audience is asking online. They want prep tips, where to shop tips and how to plan a maternity shoot. Some blog post ideas:

  • Roundup post of best maternity gown ideas
  • Roundup post of the best maternity photos with siblings,
  • Top Props for Maternity Pictures
  • Top maternity photo locations at X city’

Blogging tips for Maternity Photographers

So remember the simple rules of blogging.

1) keep one main idea per blog which means don’t mix more than one keyword in renaming your images and if its a maternity shoot don’t mention their engagement or wedding so keep it relatable to the main idea.

2) rename your photos to that one main idea

3) fill out your title, alt tag, and description.

4) Last but not least be a resource and provide great content/information for the mom to be. Think about questions moms to be may have about being photographed while having a baby bump? and other related maternity topics.

If you are looking to get into maternity photographer and don’t have a portfolio to blog about or rename then do a maternity model call and get a bunch of pregnant women together and they can also refer you in future.

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