Updated December 14, 2020.

A lot has changed since I posted this video in regards to SEO for portrait photographers.

Yes keywords still matter so if you haven’t worked on any SEO or perhaps you have but are unsure if what you did is correct, I suggest you start with my free mini Keywords course. 

Keywords for SEO for small businesses

SEO for Newborn Photographers

When I first started teaching SEO it was mainly catered to the wedding community but with the popularity of newborn photography, I have seen a huge switch. Many newborn photographers are now seeing the power of ranking on the first page of Google. They are also seeing more competition so it is key that they lay down the SEO foundation.

SEO is a race and you need to check what your competitors are doing and then take it up a notch. SEO factors like content, user mobility and experience, mobile friendliness and backlinks still matter.

So my question to you is, have you worked on your SEO? Are you ready to get started? Join my free keywords course and my free FB group to get started.

First step is to create your keyword list. The second step is to find the SEO sections of your website so you can fill it out. The third step is to make sure you have Google Analytics and you are able to track what users on your website are doing.

Then you want to check your content to make sure you have enough content and also a page for each service that you offer. If you offer maternity and newborn photography, then you need to have a page for each. Why? Then you can target the specific keyword to that page. This will help Google rank your website way better.


The SEO keyword challenge last week on my SEO Facebook page was for Portrait Photographers. If you are a photographer who wants to be found online, check out my latest video where I share keyword SEO tips and ideas if you shoot families, kids, newborns etc.  I stand firm on my belief that ranking for city + kind of photography you do is very limiting for your SEO strategy and it is only one keyword. I strongly believe you need at least 5 core keywords(meaning main ones and that has to do with kind of photography you do and location) as well as at least 10 other keywords you should be striving for. Again I want to remind you that keywords are not just loose words you add in tag section of your photography blog but keywords are the basis of our website structure, what we say in social media and how we rename our images for SEO.

So think how your end user, the client is thinking. What are their needs? What are their questions? You may think you have nothing to blog about or it feels boring to only blog sessions well the best what to blog about tip I can give you is take every customer service question you have had and answer it in a blog post. I am sure you can get 12 months of content just by doing that. I found that a great keyword for NY was things to do with your kids in NY, since NY is such a busy city for adults, many of the parents are stumped and need ideas.

Again back to who is my client? is it a new mom with a newborn baby? is it a working mom? stay at home mom? is it the dad? is it corporate moms? is it single moms? What do they care about. Caring about your end client will help you not only get found but also get booked. People will remember you when you are a resource to them. Check out this video for more tips and SEO. keyword ideas for your portrait photography business.