seo for boudoir photographers

Thank you who participated in our SEO for Boudoir Photogaphers challenge in coming up with some keywords for boudoir/glamour photographers. The Results were in.

1) Juliana Goldberg, a Boudoir Photographer from Las Vegas said the following answers at first: fun for women in las vegas, photography for women, feel pretty, boost your self esteem, fun in sin city, bachelorette parties, sexy pictures…

Then I pushed her some more and she came up with the following:  What to do in Las vegas for women, Bachelorette parties in Lasa Vegas, High roller experience in Las Vegas for women, Girls night out in las vegas, Weekend fun in las vegas, Las Vegas parties.

2) Damon Dietz, a NJ Wedding Videographer  brought up a great point about long tail words which are more like question form and longer texts clients use to search. His examples were:

“Boudoir Photographer” Not too competitive yet a highly search term.”Boudoir Photography NJ” – more effective.  Lastly, if you were going to get away from the word “Boudoir,”  “Where to get professional sexy pictures taken in NJ.” – this phrase can be built into the text of your site and while it may garner VERY FEW searches per month, its HIGHLY targeted and VERY LOW competition (un

til now because I just told you, LOL).Seriously though, try a few different long tail searches like Feuza Tomaz says, and think like the client. Build your keyword phrases and incorporate those long phrases into the text of your site.

3) Desiree Horsley-Shuey, an amazing Maternity & Women’s Boudoir photographer from Cali said: sexy Southern California photos, sexy photos in Southern California, beautiful sexy photos, intimate Southern California photos, classy sexy Southern California images, classy sexy images

My verdict- Here are some for you to be sure renaming your photos for blog post and using texts, full sentences in your about pages and FAQ.

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boudoir photos pictures- this may sound funny to you but clients want to see pictures of for example engagement session but they are not using the word session but use more the word photo because they just don’t know so they will actually search photos of engagement pictures or pictures of engagement photos which means they want to find photos for engagement session ideas.

Test these yourself in the Google Keyword Too- it’s free and you will find variations and new ideas for your Boudoir/Glamour business