As photographers are closing up wedding season and the year is coming to end end, the winter months leaves rom to look over marketing, workshops and of course SEO and website performance. I just discovered a great free SEO website evaluation tool by Quick Sprout and am hosting a live event on December 16, 2013 at 2pm EST to review some of the changes the tool gives. What I love about it is how visually it is easy to understand and there are important changes if applied quickly you can really improve your rankings at a faster pace ( in my opinion). So to Join me:

seo website check up event

1) Add me on Google Plus ( so you are able to watch the live streaming then get recording)e, you must do the following:

2) Go To Quick Sprout, type in your url, save their feedback by screen shooting results

3) Join me on December 16, 2013 with questions at 2pm. Make sure you follow me on google plus.

4) Follow me on twitter @feuza and you can start asking questions with hashtgag #getfoundwithfuse

PS there will be prizes too so do your homework and stop bye! Happy to help.