Gwen & Matt Tundermann – Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography.
I am so excited to share with you my interview with Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography. Gwen was my roommate at WPPI and she is some one I truly look up to. I admire her talent, her generosity and character and I am blessed to call her a friend.


 1) What is your style of Photography?  We consider our shooting style a mix of documentary, traditional, and editorial. Our processing style is punchy and bold!

2) What kind of photography do you offer?  Weddings, Boudoir and Fashion

3) Where did you relocate from and to? We relocated from Florida to California.

4) What is your favorite thing about being a Wedding Photographer?

Every day is something new, and I think that helps fuel creativity! I love working with couples that are head over heels for each other I also love meeting other people with a passion for weddings and photography. But perhaps my favorite thing of all is that you can always learn something new and get better at your craft!

5) What are some tips you have for relocating your photography business ? 

 We were fortunate that we had opportunities to shoot in California over several years while living in Florida. We fell so in love with it that we had a 5 year goal to move here! Once we found out we were moving, I started to change my advertising over to California and updated my website and blog to reflect our new location. Relocating was a challenge at first because I was flying back to Florida twice a month for weddings last fall, but once winter came I had more time and was able to focus more on building my business in California. I was sharing an office with a wedding gown designer and in December we collaborated on a shoot in the desert which was published in the U-T San Diego newspaper and in The G.O.O.D.S magazine. I also worked with models from Model Mayhem just to keep the creative juices flowing. Between model shoots and engagement sessions, I had plenty of California shoots to blog about, which helped my SEO and let me explore the area. I’ve also met a lot of photographers through Facebook and the local Pictage group, and I’m fortunate that I moved to a place where the photographers see each other as more of a community than competition. I’ve started referring out weddings and some of them have done the same. Last weekend I second shot for someone, which was fun and also allowed me to see a new venue. If you relocate, I would say get yourself out there, no matter how scary it is!


Gwen organized a very cool Photo Walk in Vegas and here are some of her Photos.


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and some more samples of her awesome work!
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