The wedding industry is big business. A $72 billion a year business, to be exact. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to stand out in a world full of big-name retailers. If you’re running a wedding dress retail business, it’s up to you to find new ways to appeal to the latest generation of customers online.

Digital marketing is a necessary part of getting your name out there in the wedding industry. Brides and grooms are scouring social media looking for wedding inspiration, and this is where they make their biggest purchase decisions. If you’re not online, you’re not going to be a part of these decisions. Here are key ways to promote your wedding dress retail business through digital marketing.

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Create Wedding Content

Despite what many might say, content is still king. If you want to reach customers online, you need to give them a reason to trust you as an expert in the wedding industry. You do this by producing high-quality content that aids couples on their search for the perfect wedding dress.

If you were trying to attract brides looking to shop for a fun and flirty short bridesmaid dress for their maid-of-honor, you might create a downloadable guide to finding the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids. This is also an effective way to build your email list. Beyond this, other content ideas include blog posts, social media graphics, and in-depth expert advice from stylists.

Styled Shoots

In the wedding industry, styled shoots are an essential way to show your products off to the right customers. A styled shoot is what it sounds like, a photo session in which you style your dress as it would appear in a wedding. You might also include other vendors in your styled wedding shoots like florists, venues, and bakeries.

When planning your styled shoots, consider the type of customer you’re trying to attract. There are a lot of different shoppers in the wedding industry. Are you looking to target budget consumers who want to look great without the high price tag? Or do you want luxury clients who can afford top-of-the-line dresses? No matter who you’re looking for, make sure this comes across clearly in your shoots.

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Connect with the Community

Another key step is to be active in the wedding community on social media. Once again, most brides and grooms are actively searching platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and more looking for inspiration for their big day. If you’re active on all of these platforms, you’re more likely to be noticed by the right customers.

Use hashtags, tag other vendors, and be a considerate member of the wedding community. Encourage your brides and bridesmaids to post photos with your products and tag you. This is essentially a virtual referral. Like most of digital marketing, social media takes a while to grow, but it’s worth the social proof.

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Get Published

Finally, another great way to get your business out there as a wedding dress retailer is by being published or featured. Massive wedding blogs like The Knot and Brides are always featuring top vendors and retailers. While it’s amazing to be featured in these big-names, it’s also important to be featured by smaller influencers.

Research leading wedding influencers and blogs in your niche and in your local area. Build a relationship with them and see if they’ll let you guest post or if they’d be willing to feature your product. You might need to pay for these features, but it’s a small marketing cost that has a long-term payoff. Don’t underestimate the power of micro-influencers who have a strong grasp on their community. It’s all about building your online reputation.

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your wedding dress business isn’t always fast, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. When in doubt, work with a digital marketing specialist with experience in your industry. Investing in marketing means investing in your success.