Theusing pinterest for your photo business Power Of Pinterest for your business!


Pinterest is an incredible powerful social media tool, especially for creative business owners. It is a visual dreamland, highly rankable, and very easy to use. But Feuza, there are so many social media platforms to be using already, I am not sure I can handle one more? If you are photographer or creative business, you CAN NOT ignore Pinterest. My top 3 social media platforms for photographers are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. PERIOD. Yes this will vary depending on the genre of photography you offer, and how your business functions, but it is safe to say that these three are incredible for visual artists. Twitter can be great too and with latest news that Twitter and Google are dating and we may see tweets in search results, lets keep an eye out on that one as well.

Now back to my love affair with Pinterest. Pinterest stands out to me in many ways:

1- SEO juice

Pinterest has amazing GOOGLE JUICE. It has almost become it’s own search engine and anything you search for now has a Pinterest board. I suggest you try this as an exercise. Search for something and see what pages with a Pinterest url will come up. I bet you there is a board or profile that will come up. Once you try it, write in the comments here and let me know your findings please.

2- Traffic Booster

Secondly, it drives traffic back to websites where pins originate from, making it a major plus for any brand. We don’t see that much clickability with Facebook in my opinion because FB does not care about brands. Pinterest on other hand, is improving and helping brands consistently. If you follow their business newsletter you will see how they believe partnerships with brands is a win/win for all of us, unlike FB. Stats show that. Pinterest is the number one referral site for my wedding blog and I am working for those numbers to go up with my photography blog and my fuse blog. If you sell prints, designs and digital products on Etsy then Pinterest is your number one cheerleader as Etsy is the most pinned domain in the world. So get on it!

3- Retailers and spending

Stats show that clients on Pinterest are more likely to trust brands and actually make a purchase.  They also consult Pinterest before making a purchase online and in stores. These stats are a little older so numbers are higher now. Expanded Ramblings site has some great Pinterest Stats.

pinterest stats for business

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So women love to ask girlfriends, sisters and partners for opinions when making a purchase, it looks like Pinterest has become women’s BFF when the real people options are not available. Pinterest users ( 80% are women) trust what they see on Pinterest and it is a referral for them to get a second opinion about a purchase. This also indicates and stats prove that women on Pinterest love to buy. That is probably why promoted pins are not as frowned upon in Pinterest.

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The fact that Pinterest users are spending is great for us as business owners. So our potential clients are there. At the end of the day, our online marketing/seo strategies are all about conversion. We are looking for new clients, new sales and new bookings.

4- It is a visual platform filled with ( fill in the blank)___________ PHOTOS!

What are we? Photographers, Visual Artists, Designers, Painters, Artists. If Pinterest was a faction in Divergent, we would all be in it, so lets dive in. Only 20% of Pins are original content which means 80% of activity is all repins. Imagine if we are the ones making up most of that 20%.. That would be a firework of glitter and unicorns, would it not be? This is our arena and we must lead it. We are the visual creators so lets create, pin and share.

I hope by now I have convinced you that Pinterest is a great platform for being found by potential clients as well as giving you major brownie points with Google so get on it and start using Pinterest for your business.  Learn step by step how to use Pinterest for your business with my new Pinterest SEO workbook and E-course, purchase here: 

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