I still can’t believe we purchased a home during this crazy Pandemic but we did. As soon as we moved in, we went right to work. My husband does flooring and some other things around the house which is pretty handy. Our first big project was to paint our walls and remove this huge mirrored 80’s wall.

We decided not to paint the rooms for now but my step daughter’s room was bothering me. It was all yellow and I knew we had to do something. I came across this amazing wall paper company from Sweden called Photo Wall. They offer custom prints, canvases, posters and wall paper.

P.S I have a Photo Wall Coupon for you at the end of this blog post.

I started browsing through their photo gallery and at first was so intrigued by how unique the custom prints and wall paper were. I was browsing for a wall paper more appropriate for a teen/young adult room, but if you have kids check out their children’s collection. It is truly a work of art.

I let her to browse and she found the perfect pastel pink with dashes of purple wall paper for her room. Our first idea was to get the wallpaper for the main wall. I felt this would help break up the yellow, which it totally did and then we would paint the other walls white.

Blush Pink

Ordering the wall paper

I chose the print we wanted with my  step daughter and we watched the tutorial on how to do the wall paper first.  I decided on the premium quality and I added on the wall paper kit. I knew the wall paper came with the glue mixture but I wanted the other tools to help me.

At first I was a little lost with the measurements because it was in meters but when you go and order, they have an option in inches which is great. They recommend you add on about 2.5-4 inches on the height and width and I recommend you add on at least 5 inches for the with if not 7. I strongly recommend you do because anything can happen and it’s better to have extra wall paper then be left with missing pieces.

Our particular wall came with 8 pieces and they have dotted lines exactly where you need to cut off the pieces to install the sections.

Installing the Wall Paper

We got our friends from Mahler Solutions to help install the wall paper as I really wanted to get it done as soon as it arrived. Installing the wall paper is super easy but I must confess I can’t cut a paper in a straight line for the life of me and it was too great a quality of wall paper for me to mess it up. 

My step daughter and I helped with mixing the glue which needs warm water, you need to really mix it well or it can get clunky. 

Hanging the wall paper is pretty simple, you measure where the piece of that paper and where it would end to know where you need to apply the glue for that strip.

Here is the before and after photos. What a difference! Thank you Photo Wall for helping us transform this small bedroom! I highly recommend this incredible photo wall company and I am so excited that they have shared this 25% off coupon ( getfoundwithfuse25) with you all. It expires on November 12, 2020 and if you have any questions comment below or DM on Instagram.

The cool thing about wall paper is that you can easily transform any wall in your home, from the smallest corner to the largest wall. I plan to get the Banana Print wallpaper in the future for a section in my office. I love this print.

Bonus Tip – Watch their videos and check out FAQ on their website.

Here is the final look. Don’t forget to save 25% with my code – getfoundwithfuse25 Find the perfect wall paper for your home.