It rarely snows here in Myrtle Beach, but when it does they sure make a big deal of it. They actually canceled 4 days of school last week, which meant I was with the boys, the dog, and had tons of work to do! Have you heard of Cabin Fever? The fact that Max was away did not help one bit and the stress really kept boiling up. I would be interrupted a few times an hour. I felt like I was not being a good mom nor a good business owner trying to juggle it all.

In times like this I think we must not panic; just stop and take a breather. Remember, this too shall pass. I felt God tug me few days ago to have an honest conversation with each of the boys. They’re little and it was not a long conversation, but I confessed to them that I was very tired, overwhelmed, cranky, impatient, and just not a good mommy this week. I also confessed and said, “I am not perfect.” Josh gave me a stare look with his big puppy eyes and said, “OK.” Lucas told me that No one is perfect and that I am wonderful and hugged me. What I felt I had to explain to them was that all my crankiness, impatience, and raising tone of voice had nothing to do with them and I was sorry if they felt it did. It had everything to do with me, with the pressure I put on myself along with the bad thoughts I have of myself.

I am not sure when or where we are taught as women that we need to be perfect. Heck Pinterest is not helping with this either. It paints this perfect world where the mom is “Mrs. Super Hero,” does a gazillion DIY crafts, cooks the yummiest food and is a design diva. Yeah, that’s not the case over here! It is easy to sit on all of my failures and how think of how I suck at this and that. All of the failed roles we women have to play; mom, teacher, house keeper, cook, good lover, companion, role model, business owner, good employee, or good student. A LOT OF PRESSURE. A lot of roles, but remember this, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT! I also remember when I did my Fast Track class with Erin Fults where we would say up until now I did/sucked at this, but list what’s next to get to the goal or task I need. What is one thing to make you less sucky today? Tomorrow? So I wrote it all out and did not kick myself, cry myself to sleep, or feel at all that guilty. Instead I thought to myself, there is still time to be better.. To improve… To make things work. There is always tomorrow and even today. 

Happy Monday.

PS don’t spend an hour on pinterest before bed time or you will get lots of props in your dream and may make you tired when you wake up.

Here are some fun photos I took of the kids horsing around backyard.