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5 Pinterest SEO tips

 5 Pinterest SEO Tips: Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform and it is here to stay. What peaked my interest with Pinterest was while doing work for an SEO client of mine, I kept seeing Pinterest boards come up in Google results all the time from a variety of themes and keywords. This […]

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Seo For Photographers | Tips for Portrait Photographers

seo portrait photographers

The SEO keyword challenge last week on my SEO Facebook page was for Portrait Photographers. If you are a photographer who wants to be found online, check out my latest video where I share keyword SEO tips and ideas if you shoot families, kids, newborns etc.  I stand firm on my belief that ranking for […]

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Using Pinterest for Photo Your Business Webinar

Pinterest has come like an avalanche to the social media arena and it is here to stay. It is proven that pinterest users spend more money online than facebook users and twitter users, so we can not ignore the power of pinterest. I have noticed that pinterest boards/profiles show up on page 1 for many […]

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SEO for Boudoir Photographers- Part 3

seo boudoir photographers

Thank you who participated in our SEO for Boudoir Photogaphers challenge in coming up with some keywords for boudoir/glamour photographers. The Results were in. 1) Juliana Goldberg, a Boudoir Photographer from Las Vegas said the following answers at first: fun for women in las vegas, photography for women, feel pretty, boost your self esteem, fun in sin city, […]

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