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Opening Nikon D750 Raw Files

Opening Nikon D750 Raw Files I celebrate my birthday next week but I can say I got a Birthday Christmas present wrapped up in one.  I was so happy to see the UPS guy when he delivered my Nikon 750 and I have to say I am in love! This new Nikon camera is so sharp […]

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Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers

seo portrait photographers

Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers Hey Portrait Photographers do you get stuck on what to blog about? Especially once your sessions are over or before your big fall sessions begin? In today’s Vlog I show you how to get some blogging ideas/keywords for halloween/fall related content. For this we go back to good ole Pinterest, […]

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DIY SEO Online Store is launched!

Many of you have asked for e-produtcs and I am super excited to announce the opening of the Get Found With Fuse virtual shop! In the upcoming months, we will be adding many great resources for DIY SEO so be on the look out! Our first product launched is Keywords for Senior Photographers. One struggle I […]

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I am not perfect and it is okay!

It rarely snows here in Myrtle Beach, but when it does they sure make a big deal of it. They actually canceled 4 days of school last week, which meant I was with the boys, the dog, and had tons of work to do! Have you heard of Cabin Fever? The fact that Max was away did […]

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