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My favorite Facebook Groups for Photographers

favorite Facebook groups for photographers

Top Facebook Groups for Photographers. I still remember when facebook groups were born, or shall I say sucked the living life out of me. It was new, exciting, and growing super fast. I was hooked. So were thousands of photographers who quickly started their own groups and joined many. Sadly, Facebook took away the tabs […]

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Getting Started with Keywords in 2015

Keywords for your creative business Keywords can be a techy term in SEO and at first sound stuffy, but it is vital to understand that text is the foundation for SEO and that keywords matter. Think of keywords as the text folks use to search for something online. So it can be single words, phrases, […]

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Join our Facebook group and get found online in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and had lots of family fun times but it’s back to business! I know many of you are working on your marketing plans for 2017 and I wanted to invite you to take your SEO by the horns and get found in 2017. If you […]

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Opening Nikon D750 Raw Files

Opening Nikon D750 Raw Files I celebrate my birthday next week but I can say I got a Birthday Christmas present wrapped up in one.  I was so happy to see the UPS guy when he delivered my Nikon 750 and I have to say I am in love! This new Nikon camera is so sharp […]

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Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers

seo portrait photographers

Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers Hey Portrait Photographers do you get stuck on what to blog about? Especially once your sessions are over or before your big fall sessions begin? In today’s Vlog I show you how to get some blogging ideas/keywords for halloween/fall related content. For this we go back to good ole Pinterest, […]

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