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Mom Guilt is real, you are not alone.

finding balance parenting work

When I first started in wedding photography back in 2008, I recall not seeing too many moms working as wedding photographers if they had young kids. Online, I saw the trend that if you had kids, you should be a portrait photographer because, after all, you want to spend more time with more kids, right? […]

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WordPress SEO class

Learn WordPress SEO Registration for my WordPress SEO class is now open! The good news is that if you use Square Space as your platform, this class will be great for you as well! Space is limited and so are dates and I will probably offer this wordpress SEO class again in the fall so […]

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How to Blog 70 times faster!

blogging for photographers

Blogging with Blogstomp Blogging had been strenuous for me, as I was running a wedding blog and had my own photography blog to be posting on, too. I found that my WordPress took forever to upload all of my media, and then of course there was the time it took to manually change my image […]

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Are you a blogging hero or a blogging villain?

blogging tips for photographers

It’s no secret that blogging is great for any business, but it can be quite a difficult task for creative businesses. I’ve heard every excuse in the world about avoiding the blog, so lets tackle them and give you some boxing gloves to punch these excuses out of the ring and so you stop being […]

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The Power Of Pinterest for your business

using pinterest for your photo business

The Power Of Pinterest for your business!   Pinterest is an incredible powerful social media tool, especially for creative business owners. It is a visual dreamland, highly rankable, and very easy to use. But Feuza, there are so many social media platforms to be using already, I am not sure I can handle one more? […]

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