I was one of the billion people watching the Oscars live last night whose jaw dropped when Jennifer Lawrence crumbled to the floor. At first I thought she fainted from emotion of winning the Best Actress award but we quickly realized she fell tripping over that gorgeous Dior dress.  She fell in front of a billion people.Yes a billion people. I felt bad not because she fell,  but  because the fall overshadowed her speech. This is suppose to be one of the greatest moments of her life but she embarrassingly even says you are just clapping because you feel bad I fell.  Her speech was a tad boring and was indeed quite an embarrassing moment, but does it matter? After all,  she has won the top Actor’s award ever and was probably heading to a wonderful party right afterward and she also looked stunning.  That fall reminds me of mistakes we make in business and the many falls we have had and will have in life, love and business. It is in the falls that we show our inner selves, we show that we are not perfect, we show that we are human. It is in the falls that we can reveal our passions and we can even become more likable. .  Her reaction to the fall is being applauded and her video interview with press was so real and human that you can’t help not to like her.

Ben Affleck’s speech ironically  touch upon falling in business. He said the following: “And it doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life because that’s going to happen. All that matters is you gotta get up.” This is the biggest business lesson any small business owner, artist or solo-preneur can learn. We will make so many mistakes, we will fall but what matters is that we HAVE TO GET UP. It is in the mistakes that we learn, that we grow and that we get reinspired. I made a huge business mistake in 2012 which is financially costing me about  a 17k loss which for a small entrepreuneur is a HUGE loss. Even though this mistakes is still causing problems and worries, I don’t regret it because this new blog and seo program for entrepreneurs would not have been born.  You see the mistake just helped me realize what my true passions were and reignited my love for helping others succeed their dreams. Yes it SUCKS to lose money, it SUCKS to be wrong and it sucks fail but there is beauty there too. When we do fall even if we lay on the ground for a few seconds to catch our breath, ( at least I do)  we must get up and say what’s next? how can I proceed? What one action I can take today towards what I really want to do? Falling just makes us more human, it sure made Jennifer Lawrence be more real.

Happy Monday dreamers, don’t look back at falls from yesterday or last week, look forward because you are still here, you are still dreaming and you are still moving forward.

photo of ben with oscar trophy and jennifer lawrence fall