Opening Nikon D750 Raw Files

I celebrate my birthday next week but I can say I got a Birthday Christmas present wrapped up in one.  I was so happy to see the UPS guy when he delivered my Nikon 750 and I have to say I am in love! This new Nikon camera is so sharp and vibrant because Nikon rocks!  My only dislike though, is that neither Lightroom nor Photoshop are opening the raw files and no near future plugins for it seem to be in the horizon. After scratching my head and trying to convert them to DNG’s, I asked my good friends from Ike and Tash Photography and they directed me to the correct Converter and saved my day! Check out this video I did to step you through the process of opening Nikon D750 Files.

Also one quick tip is to cull in Photo Mechanic. They recognize the files, you cull super fast using it then you convert only the SELECTS/TAGGED ones. This will save you tons of time! You are welcome. Please share video with friends!