So, perhaps you’ve been thinking of ways to monetize your current hobby blog, or maybe you’re in the planning phase of a brand new blog which you want to monetize later. There are many ways to monetize a blog, and variety is key, but I do love the option of using Google Adsense as a first step towards making money with your blog.

what is google adsense

When I first started using Google Adsense for one of my blogs three years ago, I was able to sign up, add the meta code on my side widget, and voila! Google ads started appearing on my blog. But, I knew there was more to it, and since it involved being a bit more technical, I sought out professional help. I landed a great Google Adsense expert on Upwork (previously oDesk), and I’m super excited that Joachim Bulemela from Your Back up Employee, was able to join me for a Blab chat all about basic Google Adsense. Think of it as Google Adsense for dumbs where I asked questions to help you guys to start  making some blog profit.

In this blab we covered:

  • What Is Google Adsense?
  • What are affiliates?
  • How do we come up with content for including affiliate links?
  • What is the difference between Google Adsense and Google Adwords?
  • How much traffic do you need to have to use Google Adsense and make some profit?
  • What are Shareasale and Amazon Affiliates?
  • What is CPC vs CPM?
  • Can you block certain sites from appearing in the ads?

I learned some new things I hadn’t known before, like no traffic is too small, and you don’t need to be huge before starting to run ads on your site. I also learned that some of the ads that can show up via Google Adsense are actually ads users post on Google Adwords.

Watch the full Blab interview so you can also learn about getting started with Google Adsense: