If you are like most service based businesses, you are so busy working/photographing/selling doing all the things that you keep putting marketing and SEO off to the side.


After all, SEO sounds technical &, worse, time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.  

Maybe you are thinking there is no way I can learn SEO or even have time to apply it. 


How confident do you feel in your current SEO Strategy? Have you worked on the foundational steps, or could you use a refresher? Do you have all the pages that you need to tackle your top desired keywords?

South Florida Blogger who teaches SEO

Meet your instructor: My name is Feuza Reis, and I grew my wedding photography business with blogging and SEO.

I have been teaching SEO for the last six years, and it sure has changed in the last decade from when I first started.

I started with blogging and with Image SEO and didn’t pay much attention to my website structure or maps. I just didn’t know and winged it. I saw results and kept on pressing forward.

I also kept up with all the latest updates and have seen a shift. I then worked at a Digital Marketing agency for two years, and I learned even more SEO strategies. 

What does the course include:

This on-demand course  ( Netflix style) is broken up to 4 weeks of lessons, checklists, videos, and homework. You can join us and start in January or you can take it at your own pace.

It also includes a private FB community and a bonus module with extra lessons. 

In additional you get access to my Google My Business Bootcamp ( $47 value) because GMB makes up 25% of Local SEO rankings.

Overview of lessons

Week 1:

Video #1  Intro to SEO & Local SEO
Video #2 Intro keywords
Video #3 Keyword research and your location
Video #4 Plugins & Tools 



Week 2:

Video #1 Web page audit
Video #2 Website page structure
Video #3 Services keywords and pages 
Video #4 Content Options Video 

#5 Content tips for rankings


Week 3:

  • On-Page SEO Template Worksheet

Video #1 H1’s and H’2’s Intro

Video #2 Finding LSI for H2’s

Video #3 Best Formatting practices 

Video #4 Intro to Image SEO

Video #5 Image SEO Do’s & Don’ts

Video #6 Filling out Yoast

Week 4:

Video #1  Google Tag Manager

Video #2 Installing Google Analytics

Video #3 Local Schema

Video #4 Fixing Broken Link redirects


#1. Backlinks 101

#2 Press Tips

#3 Hosting Local Events & Event Marketing

If you want to make more and enjoy more free time in 2020, then it’s time for your website to do some heavy lifting for you and bring you leads in your sleep. Imagine having more time back in your schedule and being like Karrie who shared:

My clients are young families that found me on Google. So I am guessing you pretty much set up my photography biz Fuze, and for that, I am forever grateful! My boys can go to the prep school that they want because I am working my ass off in the summer to pay for it. "
Karrie Davis
Family Photographer
I have been so impressed with Fuzes Get Found course! I know very little about SEO and Optimisation however, her course is so well adapted to everyone. I found the course, easy and informative. Fuse is very helpful with any questions along the way. In just 4 weeks I had 6 Enquiries via Google, 4 of which I book and 2 I had to turn down because I am fully booked for the year. Thank you Fuze. I highly recommend her course!!
Tania Wicks
Australian Photographer

Is this course right for me?

If you want a step by step blueprint which will make your SEO strategy simple & practical, then this course is for you. 

January is a great time to work on your marketing and this course will have 1 bonus office hour session. 

Let me help you get found online for 2020. To celebrate my birthday and Black Friday, I am adding the Black Friday deal on to of my early bird sale! So until November 30, 2020, you can get this course for only $86.53. 

Then the early bird price will be $147 until December 20th, then it will go to the regular price of $189.