Have you ever been inside Pinterest and feel like you suck?

It is all perfect, the home, the kids, the dinners, the business and than you look at your own life and scratch your head. I mean I do love Pinterest and I feel it is great for business. In fact I have a few blog posts on how to use it for your business but I have to police my thoughts when I go in there for personal use.

Being a mom, wedding photographer, wife and an awesome human being ( excuse me as I clear my throat) is quite a strenuous task. I have a hard time juggling it all. In fact this blog post is 4 days late to wish my son Joshua, a happy 8th birthday. I would love to be that mom who takes the color coded treat bags to her kids classroom, bakes cookies and knows the full year’s school calendar by heart. Oh and lunch menu too. But I am not! Shhh, I secretly envy my photographer friends who do the scrapbooks, matching themed t-shirts, and actually are up to date on printing their own family pictures. I think it is great to have this kind of extra organization, especially if you are a photographer or small business owner but I must con feed that I am just a pinterest passer by and my life is no way close to pinterest-perfect.

Yes it would be great if I had all my blog posts ready to go on the important dates of my loved ones but I’d rather actually be off the computer and spend time with them instead. Last weekend was great, It felt wonderful to spend time with Joshua on his birthday, to sit on the couch cracking up with my husband Max, to giggle with my son Lucas and to fetch with my dog Milo.

Sometimes, we as moms are hard on our selves and we don’t know if we are doing the right things in the midst of trying to make blog post deadlines, cook dinner, design albums, edit pictures, do 4th grade homework, remember to pay that school trip, and to walk the dong. But as long as we aim to take baby steps towards spending more quality time with our kids and husbands, then we can also get a gold star. It is very easy to fall in the 24/7 work mode but take time for your self, for your family, for giggle, hot chocolate, pumpkin muffins, a good movie, a walk, a good laugh, an unplugged weekend!

The clouds of stress and overwhelm darken my vision at times but it is the little things that bring me a breathe of fresh air and remind me of what truly matters. It is the little things like Joshua offering his pizza crust when he saw I did not buy myself dinner, when he says he wants to stay by me if he sees me alone, when he shares his drink with me because I am out of mine, blows me kisses and make heart shapes with his fingers when I drop him off at school. Soon enough he will be too old or embarrassed to do that so I want to take it all in and embrace what truly matters most! Late blog posts and all.

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Joshua I am proud to be your mom. You teach me every day that it is the little things that matter and that you love me no matter what and I love you and our small family lots and lots to heaven and back! Wishing you an awesome 8th year of your life and I thank God you are in mine! Thanks for giving me a whole 5 minutes for pictures with bribery of course!

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