Does the hottest social media platform TikTok confuse you? 

To some, it is hyped as a “teenager” and “lip-syncing” video app, while others find it a great marketing and branding tool. It is, in fact, true that TikTok can help introduce your business to a huge audience.

During Covid-19, TikTok has offered people across the globe a way to connect and entertain as we continue our lives in quarantine. From families, moms, teachers and dads to dog owners, coaches, and celebrities, everyone seemed to be making a splash in the TikTok world to stay energetic and entertained during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

With this, TikTok became a new, innovative medium for businesses to introduce and promote their brand among local audiences.  So it is not just for teens, quite the contrary

Let’s learn how you can use TikTok for local business promotion.

Why is TikTok Good for Your Business? 

With more than 2 billion downloads, TikTok’s growth is fascinating on many levels and businesses are no exception. The platform has a huge international and more diverse audience from every age group, making it an ideal choice for local business marketing. 

TikTok introduced “TikTok for Business” on June 25, 2020. With a business account, you can display ads, upload in-feed videos, and have access to the account analytics for further evaluation and changes. 

TikTok for Business allows you to raise your brand awareness and create a brand’s influence. You can conduct live broadcasts, post short snappy videos, create hashtag challenges, use takeovers, and advertise your brand on the platform to attract more customers.

How to Get Started With Tik Tok For Business

#1. Download the TikTok app on your mobile or visit to create an account. You can sign up using your phone number, email address, Facebook account, Twitter account, or Google account. 

#2. Now provide your birthday day details and click Next

Note: If you sign up using an email address or phone number, you will have to verify the account by getting a code on the registered email address or phone number. 

#3. Now create a username for your TikTok account and Click Sign Up

Tip: It’s better to use your company name for a business account. 

#4. Your account is created. Verify the account by solving the given puzzles. 

Note: You’ll have to use the TikTok mobile app for further editing. 

#5. Now go to your profile by clicking Me on the bottom right corner and click three dots (…) on the top right corner.

#6. Click Manage My Account

#7. Now click Switch to Pro Account.

#8. You’ll see two options- Creator and Business. Select Business, then click Next.

#9. Choose your business category, then click Next. Your Tiktok Business Account is created. 

#10. Now edit your profile information by clicking Edit Profile– update profile picture, profile video, username, and bio, add a link to the company website and link TikTok to your Instagram, Twitter, and/or YouTube. 

What to Post on Tik Tok for Your Local Business? 

Here are some ideas to inspire your local business’ content on TikTok

  • Make a video to introduce yourself as a business owner and make personal connections with your audience.
  • Post snappy videos guiding your audience on how to do something with your product.
  • Share quick tips or give your audience advice in a fun, creative way. 
  • Start and follow a #hashtag challenge to spread your brand awareness.
  • Share your workspace with the audience by creating a fun workspace tour video.
  • Post “behind the scene” videos to create fun vibes. 
  • Show how you package the orders or organize the inventory.
  • Make a video with your pets or your team. 
  • Create “before and after” videos to show a process.
  • Make a “duet” to engage your audience. 
  • Use relevant music and effects to showcase your product/service in an innovative way.
  • Come live and answer FAQs. 
  • Showcase your town! Be a tourist in your city and share it on TikTok. Sometimes this may not relate to your business but it will help the algorithm understand that you focus content in that local region.
Tiktok for local business

The ideas are endless- get creative and come up with something that your audience will love. Make your content more fun by using a cheerful background song and adding special effects. 

Find Local Hashtags for TikTok

In order to get noticed on TikTok, you need to have a solid hashtag strategy. Hashtags help increase your business’ reach and visibility among local audiences. They also help identify your competitors and potential collaborators. 

Make sure the hashtags you use are conscious, relevant to your video content and message, and reach the right audience. You cannot add dozens of hashtags to the video description, so make sure to use the ideal ones. You can always add more hashtags in the comments. 

Tip – Follow some local hashtags and connect with local accounts.

How Often Should You Post on TikTok?


Like other social media platforms, TikTok rewards consistency. If you post five times a day and then don’t post anything for a month, your audience will forget you. Alternatively, you can post 3 to 5 times a week and maintain consistency. I ideally post three times a week and follow the same schedule every week.  If you have a business account, you can check what time your audience is most active by looking at the analytics.

It is a good idea to have a content calendar for your TikTok business account. I also love tracking analytics to evaluate what resonates with my TikTok audience and adjust my content schedule accordingly. 

So, keep experimenting until you figure out the right marketing strategy for your brand. 

How to Edit Tik Tok Videos?

Creating videos for TikTok is a lot of fun. You may record video using the TikTok app and add filters, effects, and music to it to make it unique and interesting. 

Let me share with you the secret to creating videos for my TikTok business account. I follow these simple steps:

  • First, I record a video with NO sound 
  • Then, I use the InShot app to cut the unnecessary parts and adjust the clip speed. 
  • I make sure to export a high resolution, 720-pixel version of the video to my TikTok account. 
  • After exporting the video, I do a voice-over by rewatching my recorded video. Then, I add a song to the video and post it. That simple it is! 

You can also repurpose your TikTok videos with Instagram Reels to get more followers. 

So, are you ready to use TikTok for your local business promotion?

 Do share with us your experience with the platform! Happy Marketing.  Let’s continue the conversation over in my private FB group where we chat all things digital marketing.