Creating Folders inside of Lightroom for Culled Images.

I am no expert in Lightroom Worflow but I have been asked about my process to How to separate culled images in lightroom  to send to post-editing companies when you outsource. Here is a tutorial how to separate your culled images without having to export or reimport images.

1) once you are done flagging the keepers- Click on the Flag to only Show the Keepers

2) use command A to select all of your picks

3) Now under Library Mode on left side find the folder where your images are located.

4) Right click that folder and click on where it says ” Create a Folder inside ( your original folder name)

lightroom tutorial about folders and sub folders

5) It will ask for you to use selected photos to move over. You say Yes and this physically moves your file not only in LR but in original folder. It is a very simple and easy way to seperate your culled raws. With your culled raws separated you can now send it to your post processing company.


lightroom tutorial how to create subfolder and folder

6) After you say yes it physically moves your files for you. Now axe out of Lightroom and Go to your folder and you will see the new subfolder created.


light room folders and sub folders