Professional photos for business owners have come along, and I am so excited! Traditional headshot photos still have a place as they can be used on business cards and Linkedin, but many businesses need a photoshoot to really tell their brand story.

This is where a personal branding photoshoot comes in. This type of photoshoot involves a few other things, so let’s dive in.

Self image quote by fort lauderdale branding photographer Feuza Reis. Business influencer

Brand Strategy Session

You can’t do branding photos without having a proper strategy. Your personal brand photographer will most likely have a questionnaire and do a discovery call with you to understand your brand better. Some things you may want to gather: 

  • Your brand colors
  • Brand description and voice
  • Brainstorm about your ideal clients
  • Products if your business offers products
  • Marketing calendar

Talking with your photographer before the photoshoot will significantly help your visual marketing. After all, these photos are for marketing. You will use them on social media and your website. These are photos to help create online brand consistency and awareness.

professional photographer for Fort Lauderdale Salons.

If you have never done any branding exercises, I strongly encourage you to do so. I have worked with 2 branding experts, and it’s one of the best investments for a small business owner.

If you haven’t, see if your photographer can guide you and work on some brand elements before the day of the photoshoot. Warming up branding ideas for the photoshoot will make it flow better and increase the likelihood that you will love your images even more.

How to choose outfits for your brand photos

I tell my clients first to look at their brand colors and pick some outfits that will match that. When it comes to color, it can also be in the form of props. So what are your top 3-4 colors of your brand? Do you have any pieces that match that? Do you have to buy anything? I recommend starting shopping inside your closet. Many times you have exactly what you need already.   

Decide on the feel. Do you want business casual? Casual? Chic? Dressy? You can also decide to have 2-3 outfits alternating these styles. Again work with your photographer, asking for feedback. Many brand photographers also have a stylist in their team who can help you narrow down the ideas.

Think about your Instagram feed and website design when choosing your outfits. Accessories also go a long way! Sometimes just adding a pop of color with shoes can boost the style. For example, my primary colors are black and a tan-like color, but I am adding hints of burnt orange/brown, so these are the pieces I chose from Express. I know that they are plain enough to use them any time of the year, so I view these clothing pieces as blank states.

What to wear for brand photos? outfit from express, sienna top
Product image

For me, I ask friends and even my audience for ideas. This is a way to get your audience involved with the prowess. Then they are vested in your pro shoot and will be anticipating the end results.

What Props To Bring for a Brand Photo Shoot?

I love props, especially for my south Florida photo shoots. I ask clients to bring props that reflect their business, and the big question to answer is, what do you use for the work you do? Or do you sell products? Then we take it a step further and show you at work!

Are you packing items? Are you working on emails? Are you scheduling on social media? Examples based on industries:

Props for Finance Coach/Accountant Photoshoot

  • Favorite finance books
  • Calculator
  • Laptop or Ipad
  • Spreadsheets printed out 
  • Any products even if digital, that you sell. Print that out
  • Cute piggy bank
Props for brand photoshoots
Brianne f2K

Boutique Owner Photo Props

  • At the store arranging products
  • Actual products
  • Packaging with the brand name of the shop 
  • Client interaction shot where the client holds an item
  • Any props that symbolize your personality


  • Briefcase
  • Laptop
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Law Book
  • Cool Mug
Professional photography for lawyers, photo of lawyer holding immigration law book. Captured in Boca Raton, Florida

Salon Owner

  • Hair Dryer
  • Scissors
  • Salon apron or uniform
  • Beauty Cart
  • Brushes


  • Laptop
  • Notepad
  • Cute Stapler
  • Sold Sign
  • For Sale Sign
  • Great shoes

Food Shop / Coffee Shop

  • Coffee packages
  • Sprinkles
  • Items to make certain foods
  • Branded packaging
  • Coffee Mug

Having some props can help you have more fun during your photoshoot. You will also have something to do with your hands. 

Tip. Make sure you take some flat lay photos for the gram.

Feuza Reis. Coral Springs Photographer

Small Business Marketing Calendar

When prepping for a personal branding photoshoot, definitely consider your upcoming marketing campaigns. I love having photos ahead of time that align with whatever my business is working on. So think about the time you are scheduling your brand photos, then answer: What is coming up in the next month? In the next 2 months and maybe even a quarter?

For example, in April, I know I have the following items coming up that will need photos for.

  1. Mother’s Day Post 
  2. Cinco de Mayo Post
  3. Updated Blogging SEO class launch so I will need 3 posts for this. 
  4. South Florida beach post ( overdue)

Marketing is about strategy, and having the right business photos to match that strategy will help you shine online. Overall professional photos increase your chances of being found online. You will be taken more seriously, and it will help you stand out from your competition. The days for crappy dark images are over. You are a business owner, so professional photos are a must.