If you haven’t heard yet, I love using the Periscope app to share tips on how to get found online with your blog, website and social media. I have been on Periscope for 2 months now, and I’ve collected 810 followers, and my goal is to reach 1,000 followers by December 25, 2015. ( update January 30- 1,180 followers) I am loving this platform as a learner *and* as a teacher, and I want to share some periscope tips with you. Here are some things that I found were helpful in gaining more followers on Periscope.

how to grow on periscope


  1. First of all, you should sign up via Twitter. Why? Because this way, you can see your Twitter contacts on Periscope and start following your Twitter contacts. You will gain some followers back just by doing this. Boom. Update. Twitter now shows you live while you are periscoping and viewers do not need to sign into the Periscope app.
  2. Add a profile picture. I know, I know, some of you’ren’t selfie artists. But here’s the problem… I won’t follow someone back if I see a Humpty Dumpty photo, a.k.a. the egg-shaped symbol that shows up when you don’t add a photo. You will look like spam if you don’t add a photo, and this will decrease your chances of being followed.
  3. Add a profile description! This is just another basic thing I look at when deciding if I want to follow someone. If this area is blank, then number one, I have no idea what you’re about, and I think you may be a troll… and number two, it also doesn’t help you to be found on Google for your scopes. Yes, Periscope has Google juice, and you should add some keywords in your profile bio.periscope getting started
  4. Watch lots of scopes in the beginning and participate as a viewer. I suggest you watch at least two weeks’ worth of scopes from speakers, mentors, and peers that you admire, and go ahead and get into the conversation. Be genuine, give back, support the speaker, type in things for the speaker, and connect with fellow
    chatters. This has been one of my top ways to get new followers on Periscope.
  5. Ask for shares in your periscopes. Once you start broadcasting, don’t be afraid to ask viewers to share you with their followers and to share on Twitter. This is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience and why I so love Periscope. “Sharing is caring on crack,” remember?
  6. Scope at least 5-7 times a week. Now Feuza, this is crazy talk now! Have you had your morning coffee yet? If you want to be found on Periscope, you must broadcast. Period. I was listening to Michael Cinquino’s scope where he shared how people can make money with Periscope (he’s part of the 10k peri group). He said that if you want to make money with Periscope, you have to…well, scope. Since Periscope only shows your replay for 24 hours, if you pass that limit, it will say zero recent broadcasts. That will make it look like you’re not using the platform. I typically don’t scope during the weekend, but Michael’s comment made sense to me, so I got on on Sunday to share some news and to say hello. When someone visits your profile, they want to see that you’re active on the platform, so scope away. If you’re having trouble getting started with Periscope, join a group like TagTribes or PeriGirls for support. At first it will be an uphill battle because it feels weird to be talking to yourself, but you must push through and do it. You’ll thank me later.
  7. Scope for different time zones. This is something I’m working on a bit, and here’s what I’ve found from my audience. I typically get more shares and engagement later in the day, so 4 pm or 5 pm EST and evening 9 to 11 pm EST. Why, you ask? Well, I find when I scope during the morning, I do get viewers, but they’re not engaging as much. Remember, more engagement equals more shares, which will equal more viewers. The best time to broadcast on Periscope will depend on your time zone (where you’re in the world) and also your audience. So test some different times out to get a good feel for what times are best for you to periscope.
  8. Add a great title to your scopes. I am struggling with this one and still testing out what the best titles are. I feel the same rules for best blog titles apply here too, so how can you entice the viewer with your title? I see some people add specific emojis to grab attention, some use thought-provoking vocabulary, and others use words like “tips,” “mistakes,” and “secrets” to stand out. Try some things that others are using, and get creative to stand out. periscope
  9. Do great scopes! To do great scopes, some tools are needed. My viewership improved *loads* once I finally got a phone tripod and wasn’t shaking so much. Also, make sure you turn down your notification sounds so they don’t become a distraction during your scopes. Having an outline to refer to has been very helpful to stay on track, as I get easily distracted and my scopes are not all great, so I’m reviewing the best ones that folks are enjoying.
  10. The Twitter share icon must be on! This is a key functionality, so use it. When you’re about to do a broadcast on Periscope, make sure the Twitter icon is on. This will automatically post your title on Twitter, providing a free commercial for your upcoming scopes. You also get retweets from your followers who share your profile with their Twitter followers.
  11. Interact with your audience. When your audience feels the love you give them via your content, they will share more, love you more, and follow you (if it’s the first time they’re tuning in).
  12. Thank your replayers. I am so guilty lately of not thanking my replayers enough. Many viewers become your fans, but can’t catch you live, so they always tune in for the replays. So at the beginning of your broadcast, thank the replayers! It’s like a time warp, but you’ll catch on quick.  Replay watchers also follow many that are engaged in the live scopes so if they see your name as an attendee, they may click and follow you so engage!
  13. Follow people that teach Periscope business tips. If you’re using Periscope to grow your business, you can’t ignore these names that will teach you how to do just that. Here are the geniuses that I recommend you follow and watch:
    Alex Pettitt 
    Kim Garst (first woman on Periscope)
    Mark Shaw (founder of TagTribes)
    Chalene Johnson (powerhouse)
    Ethan Pariseau (a Periscope master networker)
     Zach Spuckler (has grown his business to 6 figures with Periscope)
  14. Mention great peeps on your scopes! As per Mark Shaw, collaboration is the best way to grow your audience on Periscope, especially if you can get some big hitters mentioning you. He has a great video on the topic, too — check it out here. I can attest to this, as one of my Periscope highlights was when I was scoping and Maya Ellious was on and she shared it with her audience. All of a sudden, the audience quadrupled for that scope, allowing me to be in front of a much bigger audience. So, honor your tribe, your audience and the fellow scopers who you admire. You can interview others, mention others, and be their support buddy during their scopes.
  15. Oh, wait… what’s a scope buddy? Since we can’t type on Periscope, it’s great to have a scope buddy who can be in your scope with you helping you summarize your tips, write in text links, and getting you back to the point. I have a few scope buddies that are loyal fans and they help me so much. By doing this, it creates a great atmosphere, pumps me up, and as a result makes that particular scope better, which will lead to more followers.
  16. Follow others! You need to follow to get followed, but don’t go too crazy. You should not be following more people than follow you which was a big mistake I made in beginning.
  17. Attend a speed-networking scope. Dana Garrison does these scopes, and it’s fantastic! You basically join in and you type in what you scope about, and you network with the other viewers in there. Dana reads what you wrote in a beautiful radio voice, so essentially it’s a free mini commercial for your business in front of so many people watching. You can search for the #promoteyourscope hashtag on Twitter to see who else does this and join their scopes.
  18. Sign up to Katch. Not everyone is a fan of having their content on Katch.me, but I find my audience likes me to have the ability for them to watch the scopes later. So being on Katch.me allows me to get more replays and new fans because replay watchers share their favorite broadcasts. Update- Katch now has a new feature called collections which allows you to categorize your videos into collections. This is fabulous because there is a text portion of the collections where you can add text aka words you need to be found online giving you even more Google Juice. 
  19. Repurpose your scopes. This is a bit more of an advanced technique, and it’s one I recommend only after you’re comfortable with broadcasting on Periscope. You can save your scopes to your gallery on your phone, or via Katch, you can embed your scopes, download them and upload them. Some people are creating blog categories for their periscopes and putting them online. Afton does this brilliantly, and so does Mark. Others are adding their scopes on YouTube to be found by a bigger audience.
  20. Last but not least, be you! Be authentic, be you, makeup on, makeup off. That is the beauty of Periscope. It can be casual and down to earth or more formal and dressy, but the key is to be true to yourself so your authentic voice shines, and if someone resonates with that voice, they will follow and share.


So are you on Periscope? What are your best tips for getting on Periscope? Comment below about what you scope about. Add your periscope handle so I can check you out. Follow me and check out my scopes, too!