Get fully booked out this holiday season.

DO ANY OF THESE sound familiar?

Crap, it is fall already. Maybe I should offer some mini sessions.
Oh now next week is Black Friday, what should I offer?
Why am I not hitting my holiday sales?
What do I blog about for the holidays?

What if you could...

Know exactly what to do for the next 6-8 weeks to skyrocket your holiday sales and have a system that you can actually execute year after year?



If every year you are leaving your holiday marketing to the last minute, then it’s time to stop, strategize, automate and hit those sales goals. 

My Holiday Marketing Pow Wow is a hybrid course giving you a step by step course, workbooks plus an opportunity to be coached by me live.

On Sale for $67 til 9/23/2019


Here's what you'll get


Pinterest Tips

Pinterest is excellent for SEO and gains lots of traffic during the holiday months. Bonus Pinterest SEO lessons, including how to use Tailwind to grow your Pinterest account.

Google Analytics Lesson

If Google Analytics scares you, you will love this lesson. I walk you through how to check the essential parts of Google Analytics as well as how to check what your top pages or posts are.

Facebook Ads Lesson

I generally teach Organic SEO, but there are times when we do need to invest in paid traffic. The holiday is the perfect time to do so. Come learn how to create a FB ad to promote your holiday sales.​

Watch video below with a little more info about the curriculum.

did I mention there are workbooks and bonuses?

Check out what a student from last year had to say about her marketing sales from last year and her goal for this year.

South Florida Blogger who teaches SEO

Hey, I am fuse

I love helping creative entrepreneurs get found online! I love that during the holidays, there is tons of traffic available for you to get found and I would love to help you do exactly that.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you attend the live coaching call and submit your question and URL beforehand you will be on the hot seat and get personalized feedback.

You can certainly attend both sessions.

This course is geared towards photographers who are offering holiday sessions, mini sessions, events or sale. I do feel like wedding photographers can benefit by learning how to take advantaged of holiday related content and traffic during the holidays.

Yes! The cool thing is you will be able to see other photographers get feedback which is always insightful. You must be willing to be recorded and have any info you provide, shared with fellow classmates.

Ideally you should have the availability to add holiday related blog posts but I do have some students only adding a holiday related landing page.

You don’t need a Pinterest account to benefit from this course but I do recommend that you get started with Pinterest for business.

SALE ENDS SOON. SAVE $30 ( regular price $97)

Skyrocket your holiday marketing sales.

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