Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and had lots of family fun times but it’s back to business! I know many of you are working on your marketing plans for 2017 and I wanted to invite you to take your SEO by the horns and get found in 2017. If you desire for your website/blog to be found online by your potential clients, for your business to rank in Google and for you to finally understand what the heck is SEO anyway then it’s fuse to the rescue! I created an the Fuse lounge where I share FREE  challenges to help you get found online.  The challenges are very attainable to do within the time period given and you feel like you have a coach telling you step by step how to market your business online. We share social media tips, blogging tips and of course tasks for your creative business to be found online. My goal is to help you convert those visitors into new clients in order for you to live your creative dreams.

So sign up to the Fuse Lounge.