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The Google My Business Bootcamp will help you fully optimize your listing so your business is found in your local market.
Google My Business Bootcamp

Are you unsure if you are using GMB to it's fullest?

GMB makes up for 25% of Local SEO factors so it is vital that you are signed up and that you maximize this lead generation resource to your benefit. Typically photographers and local creative businesses fall into one of the following 3 categories:

I work from home and I am pretty new so I haven’t signed up for Google My Business.

I signed up to Google My Business but I kind of set it and forgot about it. I am unsure how to get new reviews.

I have signed up to Google My Business and have a good amount of reviews but I am unsure if I am maximizing it’s potential?

What if you could...

Take one afternoon and fully optimize your Google My Business listing and learn the SEO factors that GMB offers in order for you to rank better in Google. 



Google my Business bootcamp

This will be a live class with replay recording plus bonus videos. 

Here's what you'll get

don't skip the biggest local seo ranking factor

Generate leads while you sleep Google My Business Bootcamp

Hey, I am fuse

I help photographers and creatives get found online for their local business. I teach sustainable SEO strategies and tips so creativepreneurs can rank in Google. I believe that owning your own business should bring you freedom, not frustration. I am the mom of two rockin boys. I love to travel especially to Italy and love me some red cab. Oh and cappucinos are needed in life! 

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