updates on google image search now using filtered buttonsThis past week, Google surprised us with a change in how we are able to perform online searches. Google has included colored filter buttons in Google Image Search. In the past, Google had been playing around with using color coded search buttons, but it looks like the colored filters are here to stay. This new look reminds me of how a Pinterest guided search looks. I recommend using this new colored keyword feature to find new variations of keywords for your blog posts and images.



New Colored Buttons in Google Search Image Results

image search results

Pinterest Search Results:

pinterest image results

At this time, the colors do not serve a purpose or effect SEO.  I asked Rand Fish from Moz about the meaning of the colors and he stated in a Tweet reply back to me,

“Don’t think the colors change anything for SEO. Maybe more clicks to set preferences.”


The colors do follow the Color Wheel, though. Also, it seems the colors are showing up only once. If you click on one of the tabs, it shows more results but not more colored filter buttons. And when I do a search for longer tail keywords, I do not see the colored buttons either. For example, if I Google NY engagement photos, Myrtle Beach Family Photographer, those searches are not showing filtered buttons, but if I do rustic wedding ideas, burlap wedding, bridal shower ideas, it shows the buttons.

google update image search

The buttons work like Google Suggest; they are showing you variations of that keyword. It’s almost like a subcategory of the main keyword. The colored filter buttons can give us valuable insight on how to rename images if you want them to show up in Google Image Results.  This new feature also helps with Pins and boards, so they too will show up in Google Image results.

Just a quick reminder- Make sure you are optimizing your photos by adding text in the Alt Text section when you are composing a blog post. Recently, I have been testing using longer Alt text with full sentences. It is said that Google sees the first 16 words in that section. This area is crucial for SEO. If you want to learn how to optimize your photos for blogging and social media, check out my 5 day Free Image Optimization E-mail Course below. CLICK ON PHOTO TO SIGN UP.


To make Google Images even more fun!

Last month, Google announced that it was turning off certain APIs which included Google Image Search API, and they are moving towards more of custom search API where essentially you create your own search engine for your blog and interests. Google also finally put its Cloud Vision API into a Beta mode, which honestly reminds me of the Pinterest Visual search tool that they announced fall of last year. Pinterest Visual search tool is where you can select certain parts of the image and Pinterest will show pins that have a similar item or the same item. This new Cloud vision will not only see text associated with the photo, but it will also see text in the photo, as well as emotion or if there are violent scenes in the photo. Talk about smart machines and futuristic stuff! Image Google:

cloud vision api

So what does this all of this mean for you creative bloggers?

It means there are more changes coming our way when it comes to Image Search results. It also means, if you have not been optimizing your image files, you definitely should. I have been talking about and teaching image optimization since 2012. SEO is going to continue advancing, which is a good thing for us visual artists. It also means that you should be upping your game with graphics for your blog posts and social media. You can create graphics using Canva ( read this post how I make my graphics in Canva) or use Pablo Buffer. Remember to rename your graphics for your blog posts and also for your social media. You can use custom graphics sized to fit each social media platform via Yoast SEO and also if you use Co-Schedule. 

If you want to learn more about Image Optimization, Check out this 5-day free e-course I have for it.