Keywords for your creative business

Keywords can be a techy term in SEO and at first sound stuffy, but it is vital to understand that text is the foundation for SEO and that keywords matter. Think of keywords as the text folks use to search for something online. So it can be single words, phrases, or if you are crazy like me, even full sentences (called long tail keywords). Since SEO nowadays involves so much more than what old SEO used to, we need to approach keywords more like keyword topics surrounding your expertise and services .

If you want to know how to get your photography business found online, then you must work on your keyword list. So let’s get down to business and work on your keywords for 2015. Let’s talk about you!

You need to start a doc where you will save your keyword topics, it can be an Excel file, mind mapping file or good old notebook, but you must have a list!  A freebie template is included at end of this post.

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of work do I do?
  • What products do I offer?
  • Where do I offer them?
  • Do I have a commercial retail space?
  • Do I sell online?
  • What other things am I an expert in?
  • What is my style?
  • What are some topics that interest my target client?
  • Do I sell B2B or B2C?

I have created a spreadsheet formula example for photographers. Click here, copy and save in your own Google docs and answer for yourself. The formula gives you some keyword combo ideas but you can fill out for a lot more and make sure the ones you choose make sense.


Lets chat location per favore: Local SEO.

If you have a commercial space and work on location, then this also needs to be added to your keyword list. According to Search Engine Journal Roughly 1 in 5 searches on Google are related to location, so I am amazed that many creatives don’t list their location on their website! SAY WHAT? PLEASE ADD YOUR LOCATION ON YOUR WEBSITE AND BLOG, in as many pages you can. For me I list where I am based and which cities/countries I serve. Location is a huge part of local SEO and many photographers want to be found by location so including it in image renaming, social media, blog posts and web pages is important! If you have more of an e-commerce shop then your keyword topics won’t necessarily focus on location, but rather on what are the topics your key buyers are searching for online? If your business has multiple locations then you need to do a page for each location, after all one website page or post should focus on one main keyword idea.


Your Tribe: 

The more important piece of the keyword puzzle.

keywords for photography business

Honestly, the most important aspect of determining your keywords has nothing to do with you but every thing to do with your PEEPS. What are they looking for? What do they need? How can I be a resource to them? I see photographers get stuck on wanting to be found for only a few keywords like Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer but this is so competitive and so limiting. In such a diverse interconnected world, I want to be found before the client even knows they need me. If they start thinking about getting married, I want to be there like BOOM along with a photo of a wedding venue, or a color, or a bouquet that they are considering. I will let the folks fight over competitive keywords like UFC fighters while I sip a pretty drink by the beach and see my online presence grow by being diverse and consistent. Want to join me? Think about what your audience is looking for.

If you are selling to consumers or to other businesses as a brand, you need clear communication to your audience. Tweet: “Doing a customer profile is a great way to start removing the enigma layers of attracting your ideal tribe ” @feuza #seoforcreatives   In addition it creates effective design and better usability when navigating on your website and blog.

Some questions to consider when doing your customer profile:

Who is your tribe?

Can you stalk some Pinterest boards and see the answers right before your eyes? Why yes! Understanding the needs of your audience is crucial for SEO. More and more, branding is becoming a key component of being found online and CONVERTING. We don’t want to just be found online, we want our customers to buy, to hire us, to share our amazing talents! Don’t we?

In this section you must write topics your audience is concerned about. One way to start is by looking at F.A.Q. What are questions you are constantly answering to clients and potential clients? These should all be listed in your content keyword map. The more your visible text on your online presence speaks to your ideal audience, the more engagement you will have and that makes Mr. Google happy.  Also the more shareable your posts, pins, and website will be.

So what are the topics your audience is looking for? Adding these to your keyword list will give you a big leap in nailing your keywords and getting found in 2015. This also provides killer blog post ideas!

Your Keyword List

Overall your keyword list consists of what you do, what you offer and what your ideal client is looking for while surfing the web.Tweet: “Start small but start” @feuza #seoforcreatives #getfoundwithfuse

Download the FREE Keyword List template by clicking on image below. Copy and Paste into your own Google Docs so you can fill out for your self online or print it.

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