5 Pinterest SEO Tips:

pinterest seo tip

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform and it is here to stay. What peaked my interest with Pinterest was while doing work for an SEO client of mine, I kept seeing Pinterest boards come up in Google results all the time from a variety of themes and keywords. This motivated me to explore SEO in Pinterest a bit more. The following are my top 5 Pinterest SEO tips.

1) Maximize your profile.

Since we have already discussed that SEO is all about text, what you write online is very important. Your profile is the perfect place for including some keywords about your business as well as adding your URL as a link back to your website.

I love the following Hubspot example. For my NJ Blog, check out our profile. We rank on page 1 of Google with some Pinterest boards for Unique NJ Venues.

seo pinterest tip
How our Hubspot profile looks.

 2) Put keywords in your boards.

When you sign up for Pinterest, they will give you some pre-populated boards. You should rename them ASAP! Use keywords that can benefit your business; you can find them in the Google keyword tool.

Think like the client and use client-related words especially for inspiration. If you had to get photos done, what kind of inspiration would you look for? You will find adjectives are important here and the results in the Google keywords tool will surprise you. Here are some sample board ideas:

Unique NJ Wedding Venues

Engagement Picture Inspiration

High School Senior Portraits in ___ (city)

What to wear for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

3) Pin and be pinned.

Around 80 percent of Pinterest content is repins, so why not be part of the 20 percent that are providing great content for other people? After all, as photographers, we are visual story tellers and it should not be hard for us to create new photo content on diverse topics.

Sometimes, even a trip to Target can be a very pinnable post when we pin from our phone. Some photographers think it is wrong to pin your own work (NOPE, NOT AT ALL!) or even wrong to pin someone else’s work. However, you can do that, as long as you give the credit.


4) When you pin, use keywords and you can use hash tags.

Pinterest descriptions allow for up to 500 characters so make it count. You don’t have to write  a novel there, but when you pin from your own work, use very descriptive words and specific words to what that photo is about.

If it is a bouquet, for example, don’t just write “bouquet,” but write the color and even the name of the flower, if you know that information. Also write in the URL for your own website if you can.

When you use a hashtag in the description of a pin it becomes clickable giving your results associated with that tag but hashtags on Pinterest are a bit wonky and don’t give you as much results as twitter. More importantly use descriptive keywords on your board.

5) Convert your Pinterest page to a business page.

This is so you get access to Analytics.This is vital to see what folks are interested in and what you should be pinning more of.

converting your pinterest page to business page
How to convert your Pinterest page to a business page.

You can easily track if Pinterest is sending you traffic by checking out your analytics. You may be pleasantly surprised once you check it out!

If you are an e-commerce business, statistics show that Pinterest sends more traffic to your website than Facebook or Twitter does. Pinterest users spend more, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Go do a Pinterest checklist now to maximize it for your business!

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