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I have always wanted my own TV show, and now I have one! YAY. Well, in my head I do, okay? Work with me here. I have dabbled in video left and right, teaching you the different ways to get found online, but I wanted to make sure you guys didn’t miss a beat. So, here is the latest news on where you can find the Fuse!

1) Periscope — Oh my! This new social media platform is rocking my world. It is like getting a free MBA, and I’ve been loving the process of teaching fellow solopreneurs & bloggers how to get found online, so make sure you are following me on Periscope.

2) Blab — I’m pretty new to Blab because I felt I would be cheating on Mr. Peri, but Blab is a wonderful platform to host interviews, your own daily show, or a collaboration show… like the one I’m doing with Erica H. Vincent called Get Found, Get Booked. Our next Blab will be September 24, 2015, at 12 pm EST, so write it in your calendars and save the date! We also have one on October 1, 2015 pm EST.

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This will be link for October 1st Blab episode- http://bit.ly/blaboct1

3) YouTube! I have a rocking YouTube channel where I’ll be posting weekly videos, so don’t miss out. Subscribing is as easy as poking the red subscribe button. You can do this.

4) My private Facebook group includes some quick personal videos where I share solutions for common challenges in getting found online. You can join the group here ’til September 30, 2015. After that, it will be a subscriber-based group. Join here.

But Fusie, that’s way too many places to follow you! Don’t fret my dear, this is why I added a new blog category and widget so you don’t miss any episodes of this Brazilian Soap Opera! I mean, Brazilian SEO Queen of the Amazon… I mean Brazilian nut!


P.S. The theme this month is all about social media SEO, so join our challenges by watching my scopes and participating in my private FB group so you can win some prizes on Twitter! Next month will be all about Blogging so watch out.