I am back, as it looks like Fuse needed some finding. I finally knocked another HUGE goal out of my list as if I had done a big checkmate on a chessboard. I finally flew back to Brazil, specifically my homeland of Vitoria, ES. I had feared this trip due to the loss of my grandma Feuza. I always believed that my flight back would be mournful. Instead, I am happy to say that my soul was at peace. I was content. I smiled so hard it hurt, and I ate almost everything on my foodie list. I embraced people who have touched my life one way or another, people that I had not seen in a decade. It was absurd of me not to see loved ones, friends, and family for almost 10 years, but I let the day-to-day excuses build up on me.  First it was I just got married, then it was the kids then it was flying with two kids plus the connecting flight then other priorities such as weddings came along too. Going to Brazil seemed like a huge hassle and, once I did it, I saw it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I experienced new sensations, old sensations, and the nostalgia I speak of in my photography work, and in my brand. It was a reawakening of many sorts, and I do have many photos to share.

However, now I am back. The feeling of nostalgia throbs pounding at my heart louder and louder and I feel jetlagged once again. Maybe it’s the end of wedding season where all photographers are up late at night editing, procrastinating, comparing, checking the calendar, worrying or playing candy crush. At least I am. ( well not playing candy crush, worrying I mean) So, what now? Where do we go from here? This blog is about getting found online, but I do share my experiences as they occur in my life and my work as I find my own self as well. I share my life, my journey, my triumphs and failures.

One thing I have started to do is to look outside my photography realm because, honestly, maybe it’s just me, but I am bored. Bored by the clicks, the trends, who is doing what next, making six figures, or buying a big fluffy dog. OK. I do have a fluffy dog but my point is I am not inspired by what I am seeing in our photography industry lately, and maybe it has been wrong of me to look at our industry for inspiration. Inspiring stories are always good, but let us not limit ourselves.  One tip lately is to follow fashion bloggers, make up instagram sensations and other Instagram success stories (which I found out there are so many), makeup artists, and other artistic types so that you stimulate your senses.

Once the true craziness of the end of the season settles in, you are hugging your loved ones and laughing until your belly hurts,  eating, and living, take some personal photos. Also, please print and share them. So to a happy ending to 2013 and wonderful beginning to 2014. GO BE INSPIRED. GO MAKE PRETTY. GO SHARE. GO LOVE. GO CREATE. GO MAKE MORE.


ps I think all photos of me in Brazil are via cell phone. Sad! lol I was too busy shooting,second shooting, eating, laughing and just enjoying great company.


MY NEPHEWSThe Neighborhood where I spent many happy vacations, it may not be the richest place on earth but has some of the richest spirited people I have ever metFelt good to do lots of shooting before my surgeryA view I missed dearly!Could not help but to capture this cutie- a great friend’s daughter