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It is no secret that I love using Yoast SEO plugin. In my opinion it is the best SEO plugin out there at this time. However my students sometimes get very annoyed that they can’t seem to get the green light in the scoring dashboard of the Yoast Plugin so I thought a free webinar would be great for us to tackle the Yoast scoring battle. This free webinar is for you if:

[bctt tweet=”#1 You are already using the Yoast SEO plugin and want to make sure you understand how it’s scoring works and also have been frustrated with aiming for that green score.”]

[bctt tweet=”#2 You have a self hosted WordPress Blog/Blogsite and have not yet started using the Yoast SEO plugin and want to get a glimpse on what the scoring means.”]

How to get a green in yoast Webinar. You will learn

  • Top tips for Page Analysis with Yoast and it’s meaning.

  • How to create better blog post titles to push you towards the green light

  • What is the Focus Keyword and how to use it

  • Image Optimization Tips to move you towards your Green

  • What is H1 and H2 headings and when can I use them?
  • Also new sections of Yoast SEO

Peeps are already super excited about this free webinar so don’t miss out, join now here.

yoast seo

free webinar

get a green light with yoast seo

free webinar

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