Top Facebook Groups for Photographers.

I still remember when facebook groups were born, or shall I say sucked the living life out of me. It was new, exciting, and growing super fast. I was hooked. So were thousands of photographers who quickly started their own groups and joined many. Sadly, Facebook took away the tabs feature which was a great way to keep everything sorted, but it did not stop the groups from growing. Photographers, and solo entrepreneurs started filling their daily minutes, hours days with facebook group interaction in the name of productivity, so it seemed. When you get a lot of people together like that in one online arena, it can get CRAY CRAY, and it sure did.

Some groups became so bitter and way too negative for my taste and I also realized my FOMS ( fear of missing something) was taking its toll on me. I even wrote a very personal blog post back in the day regarding comparison, and even depression. I had to learn to manage my time better with facebook groups and leave the groups that just brought me down.

favorite Facebook groups for photographers

Don’t get me wrong, there are still great groups out there but choose wisely, be assertive with your goals, and be very careful with your time. I asked some fellow photographers what it was that made a Photographer’s Facebook group a good one? and this  is what they had  to say:

California Wedding Photographer Dee from Dee & Kris Photography said:

I like groups that you can learn from. People who enjoy what they do and it reflects in their work. I tend to shy away from groups full of negative people. Groups who are willing to help lift other excel.

NJ Wedding Photographer  and Facebook Group Leader Kristen Driscoll says:

I lead and administrate a group called Better Together Central NJ | A Fast Track Photographer Group – which was founded by Dane Sanders. The group has over 750 photographers and it is such a great community! We are all there for each other and give each other advice, shoulders to lean on, share techniques.. and just have fun! I think that the community we have makes it great – we aren’t afraid to ask questions and answer them for others. We share constructive criticism and praise each others work. The group has helped me grow as a photographer and even as a person! I love my fellow photographers very much and look forward to watch them all grow.

Seattle Wedding and Senior Photograpker Lastasha from Ike and Tash shared:

I think a great FB group is one where everyone contributes both ideas and encouragement. Where the participants are actively involved and have committed to building the communityWhen you comment you know you are going to get feedback. Nothing worse then building up the courage to post to be met with crickets

South Jersey Wedding Photographer Laura Reynolds from Lurey Photography added:

We run a few groups on Facebook. Some have been very successful and some have flopped. What we have concluded about the ones that succeed, is the feeling of “family” and “togetherness”. Our South New Jersey Speakeasy group for photographers from all walks of business seem to have the best relationships. Another key element is the content. The people in there need to feel like they are getting something from the group to benefit them as a business owner. To me it’s not that complicated…hang out, be friends, offer quality challenging content.

Erin Rachel a photographer and photography business blogger from the Sixth Bloom stated:

Interaction. Engagement. Having those that are in the group interact and engage in conversation or projects you’re doing. My favorite FB groups are those that interact and engage. I feel redundant but it’s so true. Sometimes you can get too many people in a group and you loose the sense of “knowing” others in the group. EVen though you’re only knowing them virtually, still we learn so much about each other, it makes it fun!

Albany wedding photographer Scott from  Kretschman Studios shares:

Too many facebook photography groups out there are full of people looking for an ego boost and get that by cutting down others. A great facebook group is filled with those of multiple experience levels all looking to give their knowledge and experience to help the community and the art form. Artists don’t thrive in a vaccuum. The free exchange of ideas, inspiration, and knowledge not only raises the level of those in the group but the industry as a whole. We as photographers all benefit when that happens.


I love all of the advice provided by these amazing talented photograpehrs. If you are a photographer, here are some Facebook groups I personally use and recommend.

Of course this is just my opinion and there are hundreds of other groups out there.

Top Facebook Groups for Photographers.

1) In Bed with Sue this is my favorite photo related group at the moment! In fact, this group gives SO MUCH that I just spent over 10 hours giving Pinterest SEO ideas/feedback one on one to fellow photographers in it. It was a thank you for how much I get from this fabulous Facebook group. It is geared to growing a Glamour Photography Business, but has invaluable information for any portrait business.  It was inspired by Sue Bryce’s teachings and techniques and administrated/founded by the wonderful Lori Patrick from Photo Communique. Questions are fastly answered, and over all it is a very positive and very giving environment. They have mentors on different topics that post advice on studio set up, marketing, networking, consultations, pricing and more.  The cool thing about this group is that you don’t need to have purchased the course to be in it . There are also many spin off groups discussing  other genres of photography.

2) Craig La Mere. com PLUS– I met Craig two years ago at WPPI and I love how he was the same person he is online as is in person. Nice, down to earth and oh so talented. It has been great to see his success and growth over the last 2 years and I do recommend his Facebook Group. Craig posts contests with prizes and posts daily themes, which really engages the audience. It is a great group for inspiration on fashion, boudoir,seniors, portraits and lifestyle.

I think NJ Boudoir photographer Cate Scalione from Life as Fine Art photographer said it best to description for group:

I think a lot of these forums take on the tone of its leader. When the leader is present, a lot of that personality carries through. Craig’s group is honest, has integrity, is supportive, and funny…always a source of entertaining posts. People also know that bullshit will be enforced, which makes it a fun place to play.

Yes the no Bull Shit and Play nice Policy Craig adapts makes it a great group.

3) Hey Sweet Pea– This is not a photography related group, and is a membership private group in that you have to take one of their classes to be invited to  the group. I STRONGLY recommend taking one of their classes just to be in the group alone. Plus their classes are fabulous.  I took the Instagram, Systems and Production or their Writing Class and can’t wait for more. This private Facebook group is very worth it to be in it so check out their classes to participate. It’s uplifting and to the point. You are surrounded my forward thinkers who remind you to be intentional with your time, to take steps, to follow your dreams but also enjoy your family and to LIVE LIFE.I Once you take one of their classes you get added to this private group. I also did a one to one mentor session with Elise and was able to discover the why behind my why for my brand, which was PRICELESS. The teachings on branding especially on Instagram to attract new clients is fantastic.

4) WPPI 16×20 Print, Album and Film Making competition group is a great resource for any one wanting to enter WPPI print competition or any print competition for that matter. I love the customer service on there. The group is more active surround competition dates. I recommend you start competing because will  you learn so much from it. If you attend WPPI be sure to sit in while judges are judging the prints as it is a master class before your eyes. They don’t all agree, but its fascinating to see.  If you get a score of 70 points or higher, your print makes it to the viewing gallery which is such an honor. Competing can be confusing so get in this group if that is one of your upcoming goals.

 5) Bridal Show and Marketing – This Facebook group is one of my new favorites.  It was started by the lovely Kristina Robinson from Dee & Kris Photography, and has some great admins sharing lots of info on participating in a bridal show. It is an amazing resource or not only to marketing at bridal shows but there are lots of inspiration for branding, printed marketing materials and follow up. This is a group for any vendor wanting to participate in a Bridal show and need tips how to stand out.  I go there even when I am not doing a show because it is that GOOD.  I learn a ton.

6) Animoto Video Market Challenge– If you are wanting to really dive into fusion slideshows, promo and BTS videos then this is a good group for feedback, inspiration and ideas. I am new to the group and have not contributed much, but plan on learning more and more. I especially want to learn more about BTS videos and promo videos. There is also Hailey Bartholomew’s Vid learning group which covers this subject and have heard good things about it.

7) Book a Photographer NYC was started by NJ Vineyard photographer Cassi Claire with the purpose of referring fellow wedding photographers and its a hit! This is mainly for East Coast photographers, but lots of referrals posted there are also for NJ/NY/PA and sometimes destination weddings too. It is a no BS group where the goal is to refer and get referred which is fantabulous!

8) Senior Style Guide:  Senior Style Guide  just released their Facebook group so if you are a Senior Photographer or want to get into the Senior Portrait Photography, then you should join. Some of the best Senior Photographers from the industry are in there and folks are sharing experiences and giving precious advice.

9) Showiteers: If you use the website platform Show it, then you should join the Showiteers. There was some koolaid and drama back in the day but since new leadership has taken over, it is calm. There are so many wonderful giving photographers on there who really care about community and I have made great photo friends form it.  If you want to learn about mobile site conversion, design items for your show it website or ask anything about photography business, then this group is for you.

Updated 04/24/16.

10. The Art of the Second shoot. This is a Facebook group lead by the fantastic husband and wife team from Lurey Photography. They share their process on how to shoot for the second shoot and show lots of before and afters. To me it is one of the best Facebook Groups for Wedding Photographers.

11. Dynamic Range. Another favorite Facebook group for wedding photographers led by the incredibly talented Susan Stripling who also just launched the Wedding School. I so wish the Wedding School existed when I started my wedding photography business. Susan is an important leader in the Wedding Industry and is always happy to answer any questions you may have to photographing weddings or to starting a wedding photography business.

12. The Rising Tide Society. This group which was started by Natalie Frankie and Krista Jones whose purpose is ” We believe in educating and empowering Creatives Entrepreneurs to thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition” . This is a rapid growing Facebook group ( over 18k) What I love about this group is that it unites different types of creative vendors together so it is not just photographers. But you will find lots of folks from the wedding industry.