BLOGGING STRATEGIES FOR PHOTOGRAPEHRSI can’t believe it has been three years since I did the last blog detox challenge, and how much has changed. I am still living in South Florida, but now I have my own marketing business and offer personal branding photos for small business owners.

Although we are already starting the third month of the year, I feel we are still working on our marketing. Why? Because Covid has turned things upside down.

So I thought this would be an excellent time to revisit not only your blog but your overall digital marketing. As we build and hoard files, passwords, and piecemeal our marketing strategies, it is time to take a deep dive and get lean with your digital marketing.

  1. Email Detox. What if I told you every year I do an email bankruptcy? I actually delete all my emails. Is your heart racing right now? I do this because if I haven’t gotten to last year’s email, I probably won’t get to it, or it probably wasn’t a top priority. I have learned to let go. I haven’t done it this year yet because I had a hectic 2020 quarter, but I am doing this clean-up in my Gmail account.


  2. Unsubscribe. Unsubscribe. Sadly I have signed up to too many emails, and I have used to unroll me, but I confess I need to take like 2 hours to unsubscribe and delete all of these compiled emails.

  1. Organize your social. Okay, this will be a hard one, but my friend, stop spending hours on Instagram without a strategy because you will get fatigued, FOMO, and perhaps even envy. So here are a few things you need to get in order.
  • Get a Scheduler – I am using Tailwind now for Instagram and one for Pinterest. I have also used Planoly, and many of my clients use Later. I don’t care what you use, but you need to get on a schedule like asap. Review your brand messaging and feel. Look at your feed, not like an art museum perfectly curated museum but look at the messaging. If you want to attract moms, do you have that messaging for moms or if a mom lands on your profile, she won’t feel welcome? I heard this on Clubhouse, and I thought it was genius and so true.
  • Plan ahead. It would be best if you started batching. Pick a day just for creating photo content. Think ahead of the month and the topics you want to cover. This month I have started running some ads targeting SEO basics, so I made sure my social media posts have posts like What is SEO? How does Search Engines Work? You can pick a monthly theme and idea to help you schedule.
  • Choose your post categories. I love Tash from It’s Tash Haynes. She sticks to her topics of faith, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and photography. This helps her stay on brand.

4.Clean up your blog. A few things I recommend are as follows:

  • Clean up your blog categories. If you have more than 8, you will need to merge or decide if it should still be a category unless you are a food, fashion, or home decor. Catch the step by step on my previous blog post Blog Detox 2018.
  • Add a related plugin button
  • Clear dates from your blog post URL. Dates don’t help so check if you can remove them, but make sure that the URL will automatically redirect to a new link and not be broken on your website. 
  • Make sure you don’t have repeated text at the end of your blog post on all posts. I love calls to action at the end of the blog post, but writing the same exact text and call to action is not ideal for SEO.

5.Work on decluttering your mind

Sometimes, we need a digital detox, especially since we just reached one year of the CDC declaring that Covid was a pandemic. Some things to consider:

  • Turn off notifications of all social media accounts on your phone
  • Go offline for three days and see how you feel
  • Meditate at night and or in the morning to imagine your fantastic day
  • Get off your phone an hour before bed
  • Do a brain dump one night and write everything you are thinking about for a good 10 minutes, all random thoughts
  • Listen to podcast episodes like for example School of Greatness or Impact Theory
  • Try yoga or some physical activity

6. Website Detox

Have you given your website some love lately? The first step is to sign in to your Google Analytics and look at the last six months of data and look at three things. Watch the video below to find out.

Then decide if you need to create new web pages. Next, make sure you are redirecting any broken links. You can check using a website like SEOsmalltools and use a plugin like 301 Redirect.

  • Check your CRO: This is conversion rate optimization. Are your links working? Is your form working? Do you have any broken links? You can use tools online like this one here to check.
  • Add a broken links plugin or do a redirect of broken links.
  • Make sure your website has enough content pages. Each service you offer essentially should have its own page.

7. Energy Detox. Okay this will be a weird one. So you really need to stop following any accounts that stir up negative thoughts when you see them. These may be FOMs, jealousy, fear, and overall toxic thoughts. Block people from stories if need be—Block people online and in real life. You need to protect your energy and your mind.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips -we are continuing the conversation over at my private FB group called the Fuse Lounge, hope to see you there.