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Solopreneur tips for the solo business owner and blogger. Get new clients and chat about work life balance.

14 Work Life Balance Tips for People Who Work From Home

work life balance tips

It is no secret that I openly share my struggles juggling momhood and entrepreneurship and the challenges I’ve have had along the way. Today I want to share that I’m now embarking on a new phase of my life and business. . . because I just opened a photography studio! I’m SQUEALING and PUKING SCARED, […]

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Mom Guilt is real, you are not alone.

finding balance parenting work

When I first started in wedding photography back in 2008, I recall not seeing too many moms working as wedding photographers if they had young kids. Online, I saw the trend that if you had kids, you should be a portrait photographer because, after all, you want to spend more time with more kids, right? […]

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I am not perfect and it is okay!

It rarely snows here in Myrtle Beach, but when it does they sure make a big deal of it. They actually canceled 4 days of school last week, which meant I was with the boys, the dog, and had tons of work to do! Have you heard of Cabin Fever? The fact that Max was away did […]

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Fuse needed some finding

I am back, as it looks like Fuse needed some finding. I finally knocked another HUGE goal out of my list as if I had done a big checkmate on a chessboard. I finally flew back to Brazil, specifically my homeland of Vitoria, ES. I had feared this trip due to the loss of my […]

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SEO is Sexy! Charlotte here I come!

I am super delighted to be joining Studio White located in Charlotte, NC tomorrow for a talk on SEO. If you are a wedding vendor in the Charlotte area, then join us for this talk as I will be sharing SEO tips on how to rank locally for your wedding business . I will also be sharing how […]

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Oscars 2013- It is not the fall!

  I was one of the billion people watching the Oscars live last night whose jaw dropped when Jennifer Lawrence crumbled to the floor. At first I thought she fainted from emotion of winning the Best Actress award but we quickly realized she fell tripping over that gorgeous Dior dress.  She fell in front of […]

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