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Solopreneur tips for the solo business owner and blogger. Get new clients and chat about work life balance.

Surviving Working From Home With Kids

Working Remote with Kids at home during Covid 19

“I am going to get SO much work done once my kids are in school!” ^ Past me. When I had 2 kids under 3, a newly launched photography business & a schedule that was anything but scheduled. I worked from home for 7 years (and I will tell you – it did get a […]

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If you want to succeed as a creative entrepreneur do this 1 thing

How to succeed as a creative entrepreneur. Read on through business tips on entrepreneurship

j Creative Entrepreneur Business Tips     I guess I can call this month the month of business lessons and personal reflection.  I made two blog posts that featured a total of 29 creatives who shared their 2016 business lessons and their goals for 2017. I loved the answers and advice, and in today’s post, […]

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13 Creative Entrepreneurs share their 2016 business lessons

Lady bosses share their business lessons and goals for 2017

I am so excited to share the part two of the blogger’s interview I did all about what lessons did they learn in 2016. Yes, 2017 has started but January is national organization month and is always a great time to set some goals and change a few things in your business. Here are what […]

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My 2017 Word of the year is….

business tips for your creative biz to run your creative solopreneur business

I walked into this NYC apartment on a fall morning and saw great, huge, beautiful photo artwork hanging on the blue-gray walls. I peeked into the homeowner’s office and saw two working computers in his office and thought, “how cool.” I was super giddy and started putting my things away, and then he walked in. […]

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