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Learn the right social media tools to help your business get found online. Don’t be frustrated with social media for your small business but learn best social media platforms and advice.

  • Rock your 1st Periscope with these 16 tips

    periscope tips for newbies

      16 Tips on Getting Started with Periscope Periscope has taken the world by storm, and for me it’s the next best thing to getting an MBA. No, really, it is. Do you want to learn how to make green smoothies? Want to learn about taxes and accounting? Marketing? Sales? There is a scope for […]

  • What is Periscope? the 411

    getting started with periscope

    “Oh Fusie, are you really going to try and get me to use another social media platform, when we have 123,214,234,234 ones already?” Let me tell you! After 22 live streamed broadcasts on Periscope, I am hooked, and I think you should at least check it out! Peri-what? It’s a new Twitter-owned app which allows […]

  • Tips of the week-

    Throughout the week I share tips on my Facebook Page but thought I would do a blog post round up with latest tips in case you are not a fan yet! If you want to be the first to see these tips make sure you become a fan HERE. PROPHOTO USERs- Tip. Recently in helping […]

  • 7 Pinterest Myths you need to stop believing in now

    pinterest tips for photographers

    Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms for my photography business, but I do see photographers making mistakes using Pinterest or not using it all. Check out these 7 myths surrounding using Pinterest for your photo business. Myth #1:  You can’t use it for business, or you think you need a separate account […]

  • How to rock Instagram for your Photo Business!

    instagram for photography business

    There is a happy community that feels as if it was meant for photographers! We are talking about the social media app Instagram. It is a place with beautiful pictures and simple content that makes liking images and following people super simple! We started using Instagram in February of 2012 after hearing more about the power […]

  • The Power Of Pinterest for your business

    using pinterest for your photo business

    The Power Of Pinterest for your business!   Pinterest is an incredible powerful social media tool, especially for creative business owners. It is a visual dreamland, highly rankable, and very easy to use. But Feuza, there are so many social media platforms to be using already, I am not sure I can handle one more? […]

  • My favorite Facebook Groups for Photographers

    favorite Facebook groups for photographers

    Top Facebook Groups for Photographers. I still remember when facebook groups were born, or shall I say sucked the living life out of me. It was new, exciting, and growing super fast. I was hooked. So were thousands of photographers who quickly started their own groups and joined many. Sadly, Facebook took away the tabs […]

  • 5 Pinterest SEO tips

     5 Pinterest SEO Tips: Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform and it is here to stay. What peaked my interest with Pinterest was while doing work for an SEO client of mine, I kept seeing Pinterest boards come up in Google results all the time from a variety of themes and keywords. This […]

  • Using Pinterest for Photo Your Business Webinar

    Pinterest has come like an avalanche to the social media arena and it is here to stay. It is proven that pinterest users spend more money online than facebook users and twitter users, so we can not ignore the power of pinterest. I have noticed that pinterest boards/profiles show up on page 1 for many […]