Social Media Tips

Learn the right social media tools to help your business get found online. Don’t be frustrated with social media for your small business but learn best social media platforms and advice.

  • 4 creative ways to use Instagram Stories for your business

    instagram stories how to use for business marketing and to grow Instagram followers

    As I’ve mentioned before, IG Stories brings fun back to Instagram. It’s a way to use the platform in a spontaneous and not-so-planned way. Video content is here to stay, as users have gotten used to seeing what’s going on with brands and the people behind the brands. You don’t need tons of curation, new […]


  • 4 Tips to Radically grow your Instagram account after the Alogorithm change

    radically grow your instagram account with these 4 tips!

    I have been working on my Instagram lately, and I am loving this platform. I get to speak directly to my ideal audience and readers and get to be found by a whole new audience easily. It is a fun platform to use, but Instagram is also definitely a social media platform that requires intention, […]


  • How to find and join Pinterest Group Boards!

    How to find group boards on Pinterest and how to join group boards. Tips and tricks read on through

    Pinterest is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your blog. It’s great for brands that cater to women in many fields: beauty, make up, decor, blogging, business, parenting and lots more. For me, Pinterest is driving about 27% of my traffic to my blog so it’s a social media platform that I pay extra […]