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  • Photo Wall Paper Project

    I still can’t believe we purchased a home during this crazy Pandemic but we did. As soon as we moved in, we went right to work. My husband does flooring and some other things around the house which is pretty handy. Our first big project was to paint our walls and remove this huge mirrored […]

  • Surviving Working From Home With Kids

    Working Remote with Kids at home during Covid 19

    “I am going to get SO much work done once my kids are in school!” ^ Past me. When I had 2 kids under 3, a newly launched photography business & a schedule that was anything but scheduled. I worked from home for 7 years (and I will tell you – it did get a […]

  • Mom Guilt is real, you are not alone.

    finding balance parenting work

    When I first started in wedding photography back in 2008, I recall not seeing too many moms working as wedding photographers if they had young kids. Online, I saw the trend that if you had kids, you should be a portrait photographer because, after all, you want to spend more time with more kids, right? […]

  • Fuse needed some finding

    I am back, as it looks like Fuse needed some finding. I finally knocked another HUGE goal out of my list as if I had done a big checkmate on a chessboard. I finally flew back to Brazil, specifically my homeland of Vitoria, ES. I had feared this trip due to the loss of my […]