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Are you a wedding pro that sucks at blogging?

30 blog post ideas fro wedding vendors. get your wedding business found online

Hello Wedding Pros! Today I want to chat with you all about blogging and how you can become a better and more consistent blogger for your wedding business. I totally understand that most of us wedding vendors are tied up well in running our businesses, then wedding season comes, booking season comes, engagement  photo season […]

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5 tips for optimizing your photos for search plus new Free E-course!

get photos found google images tips and free e course

Gone are the days when bloggers just wrote loads of text, stuffed it with keywords and spammy anchor text, sought after a gazillion back links, and then ranked well in Google. Google has matured, and so has its users — even the young ones. Users are now looking for a multimedia experience, so visuals matter. […]

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Google Image Search update! Now with colored filters

Google has fully launched it's changes with Image search results now showcasing colored filters, find out more.

This past week, Google surprised us with a change in how we are able to perform online searches. Google has included colored filter buttons in Google Image Search. In the past, Google had been playing around with using color coded search buttons, but it looks like the colored filters are here to stay. This new […]

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Yoast 3.1 updates

changes in Yoast 3.1 how to change the snippet editor

It is no secret that my favorite WordPress SEO plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps gauge my blog posts for Google search and Google rankings by providing feedback and analysis of my blog post.  It shows how to improve the focus keyword that I want to be found for in online searches. Having […]

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FREE WEBINAR- How to freakin get a green on Yoast SEO plugin?

how to use yoast plugin

It is no secret that I love using Yoast SEO plugin. In my opinion it is the best SEO plugin out there at this time. However my students sometimes get very annoyed that they can’t seem to get the green light in the scoring dashboard of the Yoast Plugin so I thought a free webinar […]

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