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  • How To Grow Your Photography Business When You Feel Stuck

    how to get more photography clients

    If you own your own photography business, most likely you have felt stuck one time or another. But it seems all the self-doubts and questions come in January. It is January, after all, a month after the big rush of the holidays and deadlines. It is a month when photographers work on their business plans […]

  • What to Charge When You’re Starting Out as a Photographer

    What to charge as a photographer when starting out

    What to Charge When You’re Starting Out as a Photographer Of the many important decisions you need to make when you start a photography business, what to charge for your services is one of them. There are a lot of different opinions about what you should charge and there’s the fact that the photography space […]

  • How to Promote Your Wedding Dress Retail Business Through Digital Marketing

    bridal community involvement

    The wedding industry is big business. A $72 billion a year business, to be exact. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to stand out in a world full of big-name retailers. If you’re running a wedding dress retail business, it’s up to you to find new ways to appeal to the latest generation of […]

  • Last minute holiday marketing ideas for creative entrepreneurs

    Did you leave your holiday marketing for the last minute? Don't worry there is still time check out these holiday marketing tips

    There are 9 Mondays left til Christmas, you all! Can you believe that? I have just started wearing my fall boots, but yesterday it was 85 here, and I ended up grabbing one of those delicious iced coconut macchiatos from Starbucks riding with the windows down enjoying the warmth, but soon the holidays and holiday […]

  • October SEO events with Fuse

    Learn how to use Instagram Stories for your business

    Hey firecrackers! October is here and I can’t believe it! I just spent this past week hiding from Hurricane Matthew, and gladly we did not lose power or experience any damage, but prayers to those that still have no power here in SC and those majorly affected by the aftermath. It feels good to be […]

  • Beginners guide to hosting webinars for your creative business.

    how to host webinars

    When I landed myself in this online marketing journey to help fellow creative entrepreneurs get found with Google, I immediately learned webinars are powerful for business!  I was lucky enough to be a student at Lewis Howes’ Creative Live Class all about starting a Profitable Online Business. We learned that webinars were a powerful tool […]

  • The ONE THING every creativepreneur MUST DO to get seen is…

      As I am thinking about what small biz needs for 2016, one huge marketing trend stands out, and that is VIDEO. Now I know what you are thinking… “Ugh, Fuse! That takes so long! It’s hard, I don’t like being in front of the camera, I would need fancy expensive equipment, and then there’s […]

  • 7 Places to Market your biz for the holidays

    get found online during the holidays

    Let’s talk about the holidays. Yes, it’s already the holidays, folks! In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s October, and this month I’m scoping and blogging about how to get your blog found, blogging SEO, and all the important stuff about why October is special for blogs. This is definitely a money-making time. People are in […]

  • The Secret Formula for Getting Found on Social Media

    if you are a small business owner, you know the importance of using social media for your small business, but its hard to know which social media platform to use.

    When I started my photography business 7 years ago, I was able to book my first set of clients due to social media. I was using a popular social media platform that many Brazilians were using at the time called Orkut. Once I had maximized my number of friends and also realized I wanted to […]