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  • How To Find Photography Clients in 2022

    If you are still in business, kudos! It has been a very challenging last 19 months, photo friends, but some of you are booming. I have seen many photography studio openings, photographers pivoting when all the events were closed, and much more. We are a creative bunch with big dreams, and we do not give […]

  • How to prep for a personal branding photography shoot

    Professional photos for business owners have come along, and I am so excited! Traditional headshot photos still have a place as they can be used on business cards and Linkedin, but many businesses need a photoshoot to really tell their brand story. This is where a personal branding photoshoot comes in. This type of photoshoot […]

  • Digital Marketing Detox


    I can’t believe it has been three years since I did the last blog detox challenge, and how much has changed. I am still living in South Florida, but now I have my own marketing business and offer personal branding photos for small business owners. Although we are already starting the third month of the […]

  • 10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Stick

    As we head towards the last lap of 2020, we are still facing many challenges and uncertainties. There are several fears in the air due to the pandemic. Things are starting to close again, and many small business owners are being affected one way or another. This is also a time for innovation and for […]

  • What is the clubhouse app all about? Tips and Advice

    The ClubHouse App: Your New Hangout Corner The ClubHouse App is a recent yet massive development in the world of social media. Developed in Silicon Valley, the ClubHouse App is definitely one of its kind. At first, I wasn’t fully convinced, but kept hearing the buzz I had to check it out and boy was […]

  • 3 Ways To Stand Out From Your Competition in 2021

    South Florida Marketing Agency

    Hello creatives, what a wacky year this has been. I have learned many things about myself, my business and about life. One thing still remains, marketing your self is vital! But it is also an extremely competitive world right now. Everyone is online and businesses are having to pivot to adjust to the times, so […]

  • Brands Helping Creative Businesses During Coronavirus

    Brands Helping Creative Businesses During Covid19 At first we thought we would be home for a couple of weeks and then Disney closed. Has Disney ever closed? I knew things were serious then but never did I imagine what we have lived so far. We just hit day 46 of lock down and the big […]

  • Business Tips For Creatives During Covid 19

    Business Coach for Freelancers

    2020 has started off with shaking up the whole world. I have in my lifetime, seen anything like this. At first, we thought it was just affecting Wuhan, then some travel industries, but now it has a full-on tsunami domino effect. I know financially the whole world is hit right now, so what can we […]

  • 20 Marketing Hacks for Photographers in 2020

    marketing hacks for photographers

    I sincerely still can’t believe we are in 2020. After all, I graduated in the year 2000, which had the crazy Y2K scare. We don’t need to get into that, but we can agree that marketing for photographers is vital. The industry feels overly saturated, and you may be tearing your hair out, trying to […]